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video: Drop unused console functions
CONFIG_CONSOLE_CURSOR, CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_BLINK_COUNT and CONFIG_CONSOLE_TIME are not used by any board. The implementation is not great and stands in the way of a refactor of i8042. Drop these for now. They can be re-introduced quite easily later, perhaps with driver-model real-time-clock (RTC) support. When reintroducing, it might be useful to make a few changes: - Blink time would be more useful than blink count - The confusing #ifdefs should be avoided - The time functions should support driver model - It would be best keyed off console_tstc() or some similar idle loop rather than a particular input driver (i8042 in this case) Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <> Reviewed-by: Bin Meng <>
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@@ -872,13 +872,6 @@ The following options need to be configured:
(i.e. i8042_tstc)
VIDEO_GETC_FCT get char fct
(i.e. i8042_getc)
- CONFIG_CONSOLE_CURSOR cursor drawing on/off
- (requires blink timer
- cf. i8042.c)
- CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_BLINK_COUNT blink interval (cf. i8042.c)
- CONFIG_CONSOLE_TIME display time/date info in
- upper right corner
- (requires CONFIG_CMD_DATE)
CONFIG_VIDEO_LOGO display Linux logo in
upper left corner
CONFIG_VIDEO_BMP_LOGO use bmp_logo.h instead of
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