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+# Raptor System FPGA General Information
+This document contains general information applicable to most Raptor Computing Systems FPGA source trees. For specific information on a particular product, please consult the provided schematics and FPGA source HDL.
+# Building
+The system FPGA sources are designed with, and are fully synthesizeable and routable with, the open-source Icestorm tooling. For more details on Icestorm please visit
+## Prerequisites
+We recommend using a Debian Buster installation with the non-free repositories disabled. As part of the build process runs timing-driven PAR, a multi-core system with at least 64 threads is useful to speed up the build process. We recommend building the FPGA image directly on a decently sized, blob free OpenPOWER system for maximum security and ease of development.
+At minimum, the following packages are required:
+apt-get install build-essential yosys fpga-icestorm
+If simulation capability is desired, also install:
+apt-get install iverilog gtkwave
+## Build
+Building is simple. From within the source directory, execute:
+make -j &lt;number of threads in build system&gt; all
+## Output
+When the build is complete, you will see a system_fpga.rom file. This is the complete image you need to program the Flash device for the FPGA in question on your Raptor Computing Systems product.
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