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* Control DeadMan Loop SupportRaja Das2016-03-231-1/+1
* Added application level PK_PANIC offset for the various PPE enginesClaus Michael Olsen2015-10-281-0/+12
* Added PK_TRACE_TIMER_OUTPUT flag to enable disabling of the 2 secClaus Michael Olsen2015-10-262-8/+13
* fix getscom_abs and _getscom codeWael El-Essawy2015-10-032-10/+34
* Remove unsupported sc instruction in PPE-KernelDoug Gilbert2015-09-092-22/+22
* Round 3 PPE FAPI2 Sync with current FAPI2 baseGreg Still2015-06-161-0/+2
* PPE getscom fix for procedure call versionGreg Still2015-06-102-19/+19
* Initial PPE FAPI2 platform implementation - targets+get/putscom; no AttributesGreg Still2015-05-213-6/+7
* Add common and proc_hcd_common.HGreg Still2015-05-212-224/+109
* Update ppe42_msr.h with SEM bit position definesGreg Still2015-05-211-0/+7
* ppetracepp tool: support coexisting with tracepp toolGlenn Miles2015-05-132-5/+5
* Support for kernel debug pointersGlenn Miles2015-04-245-8/+110
* Minor changes to kernel APIGlenn Miles2015-04-2129-1577/+971
* Add efficient time scaling supportGlenn Miles2015-03-237-99/+77
* More changes for external timebase supportGlenn Miles2015-03-206-23/+15
* Support for using an external timebase registerGlenn Miles2015-03-1813-135/+243
* Add external interrupt support for standard PPE'sGlenn Miles2015-03-0918-148/+772
* Added SCOM proxy server support for GPE'sGlenn Miles2015-03-043-1/+99
* Seed the files in the pk directoryGlenn Miles2015-02-1963-0/+10396
* Add directory structureStephen Cprek2015-02-123-0/+0
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