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* Fix linker errorSantosh Puranik2016-07-251-0/+2
* Update to plat_getTargetHandleByChipletNumberSantosh Puranik2016-07-181-22/+34
* Use ATTR_PG attributeSantosh Puranik2016-07-081-227/+59
* Add MCBIST Target SupportSantosh Puranik2016-06-291-4/+26
* Support EC feature attributesSantosh Puranik2016-06-292-40/+82
* Update FAPI parent-child relationsSantosh Puranik2016-06-211-32/+69
* Change to plat code that applies gardsSantosh Puranik2016-05-181-4/+0
* Packing fixed section in PIBMEMShakeeb2016-05-161-20/+17
* Single SEEPROM image for SBESachin Gupta2016-05-031-6/+23
* Some changes to reduce image sizeSantosh Puranik2016-02-291-9/+1
* Plat API to get Target by chiplet numberSantosh Puranik2016-02-291-0/+31
* clean up some filesMartin Peschke2016-02-171-502/+0
* PPE FAPI2 Delay supportGreg Still2016-02-011-3/+78
* Update PPE target to uint32_t and include MI targetGreg Still2016-01-251-2/+2
* Plat API to apply EQ/EC gardsSantosh Puranik2015-12-141-1/+50
* Delete fapi arraySantosh Puranik2015-12-101-145/+0
* Support PERV attributes also for EQ and CORE targetsSantosh Puranik2015-12-072-55/+61
* Some changes for the new compilerSantosh Puranik2015-12-071-4/+2
* Rearrange PPE FAPI2 directory structure to be more in-line with HWPFGreg Still2015-10-2110-0/+1848
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