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IO, FBC updates to enable ABUS for Fleetwood
Attributes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nest_attributes.xml add ATTR_LINK_TRAIN, written by platform on X, O endpoints to specify whether half or full link should be trained add ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_LINK_ACTIVE, written by p9_fbc_eff_config_links adjust enums for ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_[XA]_ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG, written by p9_fbc_eff_config_links add ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_[XA]_LINKS_CNFG, written by p9_fbc_eff_config_links pervasive_attributes.xml create ATTR_PROC_NPU_REGION_ENABLED to encapsulate accessibility of NPU logic domain, written by p9_chiplet_scominit chip_ec_attributes.xml add EC feature attribute controlling DL training workaround Initfiles: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p9.fbc.ab_hp.scom.initfile add logic to permit reset of chg_rate master dials in second phase SMP build adjust link enable expressions to reflect new ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG enums p9.fbc.cd_hp.scom.initfile p9.fbc.no_hp.scom.initfile consume number of configured X/A links from new attribute, simple addition won't work any longer given new ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG enums p9.fbc.ioe_dl.scom.initfile support half-link operation, based on ATTR_LINK_TRAIN on X endpoint target p9.fbc.ioe_tl.scom.initifle adjust link enable expressions to reflect new ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG enums p9.fbc.ioo_dl.scom.initfile support half-link operation, based on ATTR_LINK_TRAIN on O endpoint target qualify OLL enablement based on use as active fabric link adjust PHY training parameters based on current lab learning p9.fbc.ioo_tl.scom.initfile adjust link enable expressions to reflect new ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG enums support half-link operation, based on ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG qualify TOD_ENABLE to apply only to O links carrying X traffic p9.npu.scom.initfile clear OPTICAL_IO_CONFIG when not actively using NVLINK, finer-grained updates needed to support mix of O SMP and NVLINK usage HWPs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p9_io_obus_dccal execute only on links actively carrying fabric protocol p9_io_obus_linktrain p9_io_regs encapsulate PHY FIFO reset sequence needed prior to FBC DL training execution p9_chiplet_scominit p9_npu_scominit partial good updates for NPU region p9_fab_iovalid adjust iovalid manipulation/checking, as well as link delay reporting, to support half-link configuration p9_smp_link_layer support half-link configuration via ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_[XA]_ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG implement OBUS PHY specific workarounds p9_eff_config_links update ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_[XA]_ATTACHED_CHIP_CNFG to support half-link configuration write ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_LINK_ACTIVE on X/O endpoint targets write ATTR_PROC_FABRIC_[XA]_LINKS_CNFG to reflect total number of logically configured links, for initfile consumption Istep wrappers: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p9_build_smp_wrap correctly loop over all system targets for second phase SMP build p9_sys_chiplet_scominit_wrap initial release Change-Id: Ic1d87df4d3ff0feca7ac2437fa61b6d2fc4a2d68 CQ: HW419022 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Server <> Tested-by: HWSV CI <> Tested-by: PPE CI <> Tested-by: Hostboot CI <> Tested-by: FSP CI Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: DANIEL C. HOWE <> Reviewed-by: Matt K. Light <> Reviewed-by: Jenny Huynh <> Reviewed-by: Joseph J. McGill <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Hostboot Team <> Reviewed-by: Sachin Gupta <>
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