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+-----------------------------PPE DIRECTORY STRUCTURE----------------------------
+sbe/ - FAPI-Lite SBE code to IPL the chip without the core and cache routine.
+ - May contain some PPE assembler files/functions.
+corecache/ - Core routines will also land in the CME image while cache routine will also land in the STOP GPE image.
+ - FAPI-Lite Hcode that initializes the core and cache chiplets.
+pgpe/ - PState GPE code
+ops/ - SBE chipOps -- may be delivered from the FW team but may have some early engineering forms
+lib/ - FAPI-Lite Common PPE code routines (startclocks, arrayinit, etc)
+pk/ - PPE Kernel
+ kernel/ - Base kernel
+ ppe42/ - Emulation function that don't exist in the PPE42 (div64, ppe_scom)
+import/ - place for information about what needs to be mirrored into ppe build. \ No newline at end of file
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