path: root/lib/system/system.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* discover: Don't depend on tftp failure for type detectionJeremy Kerr2013-09-261-0/+9
* lib/process: replace pb_run_cmd_pipeJeremy Kerr2013-08-191-2/+0
* lib/system: Add pb_run_cmd_pipeJeremy Kerr2013-06-241-0/+2
* discover: Add network handlingJeremy Kerr2013-06-241-0/+2
* discover/udev: remove unnecessary udevadm referencesJeremy Kerr2013-05-061-1/+0
* Add udevadm to pb_system_appsJeremy Kerr2013-03-051-0/+1
* Cleanup --dry-run option codeGeoff Levand2012-03-301-1/+1
* Add --start-daemon option to ui programsGeoff Levand2012-03-081-1/+2
* Delete kexec temporary files before rebootingGeoff Levand2009-07-091-0/+1
* Move common system routines to libGeoff Levand2009-06-301-0/+20
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