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ui/ncurses: Add help to boot editor screen
Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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+const char *boot_editor_help_text = "\
+This screen allows you to edit or create boot options.\n\
+Device: This is a list of block devices available on the system. Select \
+the device which contains your boot resources (kernel, initrd and device \
+tree), or \"Specify paths/URLs manually\" to use full URLs to the boot \
+Kernel: enter the path to the kernel to boot. This field is mandatory. \
+This should be a kernel image that the kexec utility can handle. Generally, \
+this will be a 'vmlinux'-type image.\n\
+Example: /boot/vmlinux\n\
+Initrd: enter the path to the initial RAM disk image. This is optional.\n\
+Example: /boot/initrd.img\n\
+Device tree: enter the path to the device tree blob file (.dtb). \
+This is optional; if not specified, and your platform currently provides \
+a device tree, the current one will be used.\n\
+Example: /boot/device-tree.dtb\n\
+Boot arguments: enter the kernel command-line arguments. This is optional.\n\
+Example: root=/dev/sda1 console=hvc0\n\
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