path: root/discover/device-handler.h
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authorCyril Bur <>2017-11-16 14:49:14 +1100
committerSamuel Mendoza-Jonas <>2017-11-21 14:23:05 +1100
commit3a76e4214d5ca666e1d2d6c74e84309064c8a3ab (patch)
treeb3a22aa445ffd7eb1dcf2963a96d29abfd3b6e8d /discover/device-handler.h
parent117a75f95ec31c2f9ea5e560c0355a2125b09b71 (diff)
discover/pxe-parser: Fine grained proxy control
Petitboot provides a method for a user to manually specify a configuration file that should be retrieved. Petitboot also has a global proxy configuration. This patch aims to marry the two so that a custom configuration file can specify that a specific proxy should be used to access one (or all) of the options within it. This makes custom configuration files more powerful as they can point to files behind proxies without the user needing to also specify the global proxy for that specific custom configuration file to work. This adds parsing for a `proxy` option which will apply to all boot items found after. Signed-off-by: Cyril Bur <> Signed-off-by: Samuel Mendoza-Jonas <>
Diffstat (limited to 'discover/device-handler.h')
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/discover/device-handler.h b/discover/device-handler.h
index a95cc9d..771cd06 100644
--- a/discover/device-handler.h
+++ b/discover/device-handler.h
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ struct discover_boot_option {
struct discover_device *device;
struct boot_option *option;
struct list_item list;
+ const char *proxy;
struct resource *boot_image;
struct resource *initrd;
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