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* reset upstream subtrees to yocto 2.6Brad Bishop2019-01-081-0/+5
Reset the following subtrees on thud HEAD: poky: 87e3a9739d meta-openembedded: 6094ae18c8 meta-security: 31dc4e7532 meta-raspberrypi: a48743dc36 meta-xilinx: c42016e2e6 Also re-apply backports that didn't make it into thud: poky: 17726d0 systemd-systemctl-native: handle Install wildcards meta-openembedded: 4321a5d libtinyxml2: update to 7.0.1 042f0a3 libcereal: Add native and nativesdk classes e23284f libcereal: Allow empty package 030e8d4 rsyslog: curl-less build with fmhttp PACKAGECONFIG 179a1b9 gtest: update to 1.8.1 Squashed OpenBMC subtree compatibility updates: meta-aspeed: Brad Bishop (1): aspeed: add yocto 2.6 compatibility meta-ibm: Brad Bishop (1): ibm: prepare for yocto 2.6 meta-ingrasys: Brad Bishop (1): ingrasys: set layer compatibility to yocto 2.6 meta-openpower: Brad Bishop (1): openpower: set layer compatibility to yocto 2.6 meta-phosphor: Brad Bishop (3): phosphor: set layer compatibility to thud phosphor: libgpg-error: drop patches phosphor: react to fitimage artifact rename Ed Tanous (4): Dropbear: upgrade options for latest upgrade yocto2.6: update openssl options busybox: remove upstream watchdog patch systemd: Rebase CONFIG_CGROUP_BPF patch Change-Id: I7b1fe71cca880d0372a82d94b5fd785323e3a9e7 Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
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