path: root/meta-phosphor/common/recipes-phosphor/host-ipmid/
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Bump versions for skeleton, IPMI, obmc-mapperAdriana Kobylak2016-06-241-1/+1
* Bump pyphosphor, host-ipmid versionsBrad Bishop2016-06-151-1/+1
* Bump phosphor recipe versionsAdriana Kobylak2016-06-101-1/+1
* Bump IPMI, networkd, REST, and skeleton versionsv0.8.1Adriana Kobylak2016-05-241-1/+1
* Add version_id support in to openbmcChris Austen2016-05-041-1/+1
* Recipe updates for Network, Skeleton, Event, IPMIAdriana Kobylak2016-04-291-1/+1
* Update recipes to pick up IPMI and User management fixesAdriana Kobylak2016-03-081-1/+1
* Merge pull request #200 from mdmillerii/from-ramnkskjames2016-03-071-0/+1
| * host-ipmid: OEM command will require clear-once serviceMilton D. Miller II2016-03-071-0/+1
* | Move up skeleton and host-ipmid to latestNorman James2016-03-061-1/+1
* | Integrating support for event log enhancementsChris Austen2016-03-021-1/+1
* Recipe update: User management, systemd patch, IPMI net functionsAdriana Kobylak2016-02-121-1/+1
* Update recipes and remove dhcp fileAdriana Kobylak2016-02-031-1/+1
* Update phosphor recipes to pickup latest codeAdriana Kobylak2016-02-011-1/+1
* Update recipesAdriana Kobylak2016-02-011-1/+1
* Add network dbus object to openbmc imageAdriana Kobylak2016-02-011-0/+1
* Add settings dbus object to openbmc imageAdriana Kobylak2016-01-301-2/+1
* Resolve relocation warnings with buildChris Austen2016-01-231-0/+3
* Add fix for timeofdayChris Austen2016-01-211-1/+1
* Sprint 4 candidateChris Austen2016-01-131-1/+1
* Sprint 3 candidate 6Chris Austen2015-12-031-1/+1
* Sprint 3 CandidateChris Austen2015-12-021-1/+1
* Updating base build with sprint 3 candidate 3Chris Austen2015-11-241-1/+1
* Too many dbus connectionsChris Austen2015-11-171-1/+1
* support multiple event logsChris Austen2015-11-111-1/+1
* boot sensor was not reportingChris Austen2015-11-091-1/+1
* update for esel not sending mesagesChris Austen2015-11-011-1/+1
* Moving openbmc's ipmid and oem to support Nov1 releaseChris Austen2015-10-301-1/+1
* Added to the official buildChris Austen2015-10-281-2/+6
* Make host-ipmid pull in host IPMI to hw packageBrad Bishop2015-10-191-0/+2
* Start host-ipmid on bootBrad Bishop2015-10-181-3/+2
* phosphor-host-ipmid: refresh SRCREVPatrick Williams2015-10-151-5/+9
* bitbake and package files for host-ipmidvishwabmc2015-10-121-0/+20
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