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The README file was effectively empty and now contains the current information pertaining to the impact of including this layer. (From meta-google rev: 8b9e630bd4583ef444267099bad768966746bd75) Change-Id: I90468b99911e5945a4f905084cfab36797e1a3e8 Signed-off-by: Patrick Venture <> Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
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-# meta-google
+# meta-google layer
+## Purpose
+Including this layer adds the following packages to your `obmc-phosphor-image`:
+* [google-ipmi-sys]( OEM IPMI Handler for providing specific information to the host.
+* [phosphor-ipmi-blobs]( OEM IPMI Blobs Handler for providing the framework for specific blob handlers.
+* [phosphor-ipmi-ethstats]( OEM IPMI Handler for reporting ethernet device statistics from the BMCs ethernet devices.
+## Customizations
+Presently, this layer also enables the Google Iana for registering `phosphor-ipmi-ethstats` in addition to the OpenBMC one.
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