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[Subtree] Bring openbmc machines to top level
The new subtree model brings the subtrees up from the openbmc-machines layer. Change-Id: I58a03ae1be374bc79ae1438e65e888375d12d0c0 Signed-off-by: Dave Cobbley <> Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
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### 3) Target your hardware
Any build requires an environment variable known as `TEMPLATECONF` to be set
-to a hardware target. OpenBMC has placed all known hardware targets in a
-standard directory structure
+to a hardware target.
You can see all of the known targets with
-`find meta-openbmc-machines -type d -name conf`. Choose the hardware target and
+`find meta-* -name local.conf.sample`. Choose the hardware target and
then move to the next step. Additional examples can be found in the
[OpenBMC Cheatsheet](
-Palmetto | ```meta-openbmc-machines/meta-openpower/meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf```
-Zaius| ```meta-openbmc-machines/meta-openpower/meta-ingrasys/meta-zaius/conf```
-Witherspoon| ```meta-openbmc-machines/meta-openpower/meta-ibm/meta-witherspoon/conf```
+Palmetto | ```meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf```
+Zaius| ```meta-ingrasys/meta-zaius/conf```
+Witherspoon| ```meta-ibm/meta-witherspoon/conf```
As an example target Palmetto
-export TEMPLATECONF=meta-openbmc-machines/meta-openpower/meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf
+export TEMPLATECONF=meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf
### 4) Build
OpenPOWER on IntegriCloud