path: root/src/occ_gpe0/firdata
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* FIRDATA: add Axone memory subsystem SCOM supportZane Shelley2019-01-022-4/+75
* FIRDATA: remove Cumulus/Centaur targets and add Axone/ExplorerZane Shelley2019-01-024-165/+65
* FIRDATA: fix iteration bug in firData.cZane Shelley2019-01-021-282/+279
* Write firdata to PNOR over IPMIDouglas Gilbert2018-09-258-107/+931
* captureFir: Add delay and sbefifo resetDouglas Gilbert2018-05-293-5/+64
* FIRDATA: retry getSCOMs via SBE FIFO on bad responseZane Shelley2017-11-081-9/+28
* FIRDATA: fix error handling for SCOMs via SBE FIFOZane Shelley2017-11-083-182/+189
* FIRDATA: isolation issues due to SCOM errors from 0x50040018Zane Shelley2017-10-243-9/+33
* IPL Time Checkstop Analysis Part 3: OCC bootloader and mainIlya Smirnov2017-08-213-5/+8
* OCC: Hostboot handles ECC size in firdataBrian Stegmiller2017-08-161-7/+11
* rt_xstop_analysis: minor cleanups/tweaksPrachi Gupta2017-07-221-0/+1
* PNOR Write Fixes for FIRDATA collection pathBill Hoffa2017-07-227-52/+95
* rt_xstop_analysis: enable proc1 fir collectionPrachi Gupta2017-07-214-43/+18
* rt_xstop_analysis: single proc fir collection is working, without pnor writesPrachi Gupta2017-07-216-106/+140
* rt_xstop_analysis: compile all of firdata on gpe0Prachi Gupta2017-07-2116-316/+105
* rt_xstop_analysis: move firdata code from occ_405 to occ_gpe0Prachi Gupta2017-07-2130-0/+6667
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