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* net/: sparse fixesKim Phillips2012-11-041-3/+3
* net: fix typo in arp clean upMike Frysinger2012-07-101-1/+1
* net: Allow filtering on debug traces in the net subsystemJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-4/+5
* net: Work-around for brain-damaged Cisco equipment with arp-proxyJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-0/+14
* net: Separate ArpRequest() into lower-level funcJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-9/+13
* net: Don't copy every packet that waits for an ARPJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-12/+12
* net: Remove static allocation for MAC address in PingSend()Joe Hershberger2012-05-231-4/+5
* net: Add net_update_ether() to handle ARP and Ping repliesJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-1/+1
* net: Refactor to separate the UDP handler from the ARP handlerJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-3/+3
* net: Refactor to use NetSendPacket instead of eth_send directlyJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-3/+3
* net: Refactor packet length computationsJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-5/+8
* net: cosmetic: Replace magic numbers in arp.c with constantsJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-17/+17
* net: cosmetic: Rename tmp to reply_ip_addr in arp.cJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-3/+3
* net: cosmetic: Un-typedef ARP_tJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-4/+4
* net: cosmetic: Un-typedef Ethernet_tJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-2/+2
* net: cosmetic: Un-typedef IP_tJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-1/+1
* net: Move ARP out of net.cJoe Hershberger2012-05-231-0/+213
* * Add support for RMU boardwdenk2003-06-051-120/+0
* Initial revisionwdenk2002-09-281-0/+120
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