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* spl, common, serial: build SPL without serial supportHeiko Schocher2015-08-121-3/+10
* arm: socfpga: misc: Reset ethernet from OFMarek Vasut2015-08-081-0/+1
* dts: Drop unused compatible ID for the NXP video bridgeSimon Glass2015-08-051-1/+0
* video: Remove the old parade driverSimon Glass2015-08-051-1/+0
* power: Remove old TPS65090 driversSimon Glass2015-08-051-1/+0
* efi: Add functions for decoding the EFI tablesSimon Glass2015-08-052-0/+48
* efi: Add 64-bit payload supportSimon Glass2015-08-051-4/+70
* efi: Add support for loading U-Boot through an EFI stubSimon Glass2015-08-053-0/+334
* efi: Display the correct initcall pre-relocation valuesSimon Glass2015-08-051-0/+4
* efi: Add start-up library codeSimon Glass2015-08-056-0/+283
* lib: fdt: fix indent of #ifdef..#endif conditionalMasahiro Yamada2015-08-051-1/+1
* ARM: Tegra210: Add support to common Tegra source/config filesTom Warren2015-07-281-0/+2
* fdt: Fix fdtdec_get_addr_size() for 64-bitThierry Reding2015-07-281-20/+36
* linux_compat: handle __GFP_ZERO in kmalloc()Masahiro Yamada2015-07-221-7/+6
* linux_compat: move vzalloc() to header file as an inline functionMasahiro Yamada2015-07-221-5/+0
* fdt: Provide debug info when a device tree cannot be foundSimon Glass2015-07-211-0/+7
* lib: Add function to extract a number from the end of a stringSimon Glass2015-07-212-8/+25
* Add rivest cipher 4 (rc4) implementationSimon Glass2015-07-212-0/+50
* Drop CONFIG_ERRNO_STR from SPLSimon Glass2015-07-211-1/+1
* fdt: Add fdt_first/next_region() functionsSimon Glass2015-07-212-1/+493
* fdt: Add a function to remove unused strings from a device treeSimon Glass2015-07-211-0/+32
* Add a dhrystone benchmark commandSimon Glass2015-07-218-0/+1132
* libfdt: fix error code of fdt_count_strings()Masahiro Yamada2015-07-201-1/+1
* libfdt: fix error code of fdt_get_string_index()Masahiro Yamada2015-07-201-1/+1
* fdt: armv8: Fix build warnings on armv8Haikun Wang2015-07-201-2/+2
* Allow CONFIG_REGEX to be disabled when CONFIG_NETJoe Hershberger2015-07-081-0/+1
* mtd, nand: Move common functions from cmd_nand.c to common placeHeiko Schocher2015-06-301-0/+16
* Merge git:// Rini2015-06-111-3/+0
| * dm: usb: tegra: Drop legacy USB codeSimon Glass2015-06-101-3/+0
* | blackfin: fix undefined reference to srand and randMasahiro Yamada2015-06-111-1/+3
* x86: gpio: add pinctrl support from the device treeGabriel Huau2015-06-041-0/+1
* x86: Refactor PIRQ routing supportBin Meng2015-06-041-0/+1
* net: Fix NET_RANDOM_ETHADDR dependenciesMichal Simek2015-06-011-0/+3
* pmic: max77686 set the same compatible as in the kernelPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-1/+1
* lib: Kconfig: add entry for errno_str() functionPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-0/+8
* sandbox: Fix warning in display_optionsSimon Glass2015-05-141-1/+1
* tpm: Rename Infineon TPM to slb9645ttSimon Glass2015-05-141-1/+1
* tegra: video: Support serial output resource (SOR) on tegra124Simon Glass2015-05-131-0/+3
* fdt: Add binding decode function for display-timingsSimon Glass2015-05-131-0/+92
* kconfig: Move REGEX to KconfigJoe Hershberger2015-05-101-0/+8
* dm: usb: exynos: Drop legacy USB codeSimon Glass2015-05-061-2/+0
* Add print_freq() to display frequencies nicelySimon Glass2015-04-291-0/+42
* Move display_options functions to their own headerSimon Glass2015-04-291-13/+0
* fdt: Fix handling of paths with options in themHans de Goede2015-04-231-3/+22
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-04-233-8/+60
| * fdt: Allow FDT functions to be built for SPLSimon Glass2015-04-231-0/+6
| * fdt: Rename setup_fdt() and make it prepare alsoSimon Glass2015-04-231-2/+2
| * fdt: sandbox: Move setup code from board_f to fdtdecSimon Glass2015-04-231-0/+31
| * dm: Add a panic_str() function to reduce code sizeSimon Glass2015-04-232-8/+23
* | gunzip: add gzwrite routine for extracting compresed images to block deviceEric Nelson2015-04-221-1/+194
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