path: root/include/configs/P2020DS.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* powerpc: mpc85xx: remove P2020DS board supportMasahiro Yamada2015-01-231-751/+0
* powerpc/mpc85xx:Update MONITOR_LEN for 768KB u-boot sizePrabhakar Kushwaha2014-04-221-1/+1
* powerpc: mpc85xx: move CONFIG_MPC85xx definition to CPU config.mkMasahiro Yamada2014-01-241-1/+0
* powerpc/mpc85xx:Increase binary size for P, B & T series boards.Prabhakar Kushwaha2014-01-211-7/+3
* kgdb: configs: remove obsolete CONFIG_KGDB_SER_INDEXVladimir Zapolskiy2013-12-131-1/+0
* Driver/DDR: Moving Freescale DDR driver to a common driverYork Sun2013-11-251-2/+2
* config: remove platform CONFIG_SYS_HZ definition part 1/2Rob Herring2013-11-041-1/+0
* config: Add a default CONFIG_SYS_PROMPTRob Herring2013-11-041-1/+0
* ahci: convert to use libata functions and definitionsRob Herring2013-09-061-0/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2013-07-241-8/+9
| * i2c, fsl_i2c: switch to new multibus/multiadapter supportHeiko Schocher2013-07-231-8/+9
* | Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-17/+1
* pci: introduce CONFIG_PCI_INDIRECT_BRIDGE optionGabor Juhos2013-06-071-0/+1
* corenet: Disable video on P2020DSAndy Fleming2013-01-301-1/+1
* COMMON: Use __stringify() instead of MK_STR()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-18/+18
* powerpc/85xx: improve definition of BR_PHYS_ADDR macroTimur Tabi2012-08-081-4/+5
* powerpc/85xx: minor clean-ups to the P2020DS board header fileTimur Tabi2012-07-061-21/+1
* powerpc/85xx: Add USB device-tree fixup for various platformsramneek mehresh2012-07-061-1/+4
* hush.c: Move default CONFIG_SYS_PROMPT_HUSH_PS2 to hush.cTom Rini2012-06-201-3/+0
* sdhc_boot: Introduce CONFIG_FSL_FIXED_MMC_LOCATION optionFabio Estevam2012-02-121-0/+1
* common: cosmetic: CONFIG_BOOTFILE checkpatch complianceJoe Hershberger2011-10-221-1/+1
* common: cosmetic: CONFIG_ROOTPATH checkpatch complianceJoe Hershberger2011-10-221-1/+1
* board configs: drop NET_MULTI referencesMike Frysinger2011-10-051-5/+0
* powerpc/85xx: introduce and document CONFIG_SYS_CCSRBAR macrosTimur Tabi2011-09-291-12/+2
* powerpc/85xx: Add default usb mode and phy type to hwconfigRamneek Mehresh2011-07-111-1/+2
* powerpc/85xx: Bump up the CONFIG_SYS_BOOTM_LEN to 64M on FSL 85xx boardsKumar Gala2011-04-291-3/+3
* powerpc/85xx: Enable eSPI controller & SPI boot support on P2020DSJerry Huang2011-04-291-0/+28
* powerpc/85xx: rename NAND prefixes to CONFIG_SYSMatthew McClintock2011-04-081-7/+7
* powerpc/85xx: Enable eSDHC boot support on P2020 DSJerry Huang2011-04-041-0/+25
* powerpc/8xxx: Refactor fsl_ddr_get_spd into common code from boardKumar Gala2011-04-041-1/+1
* powerpc/85xx: Update P2020DS default env settingsLi Yang2011-04-041-10/+12
* powerpc/85xx: Add eSDHC support on P2020DSJerry Huang2011-04-041-1/+24
* powerpc/85xx: Move RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS into config.hKumar Gala2011-01-191-0/+4
* powerpc/85xx: Bump up the CONFIG_SYS_BOOTM_LEN to 16M on FSL 85xx boardsKumar Gala2011-01-141-0/+1
* powerpc/85xx: Add SRIO support to P2020DSLi Yang2011-01-141-1/+23
* powerpc/85xx: Rework P2020DS pci_init_board to use common FSL PCIe codeKumar Gala2011-01-141-0/+3
* Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated valueWolfgang Denk2010-10-261-2/+1
* Rename CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_END into CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_SIZEWolfgang Denk2010-10-261-2/+2
* Enable POST memory test for P2020DSYork Sun2010-10-201-2/+3
* powerpc: Cleanup BOOTFLAG_* referencesPeter Tyser2010-10-181-8/+0
* Makefile: move all Power Architecture boards into boards.cfgWolfgang Denk2010-10-181-0/+4
* Rename TEXT_BASE into CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEWolfgang Denk2010-10-181-6/+6
* mkconfig: change CONFIG_MK_ prefix into plain CONFIG_Wolfgang Denk2010-10-181-2/+2
* Remove unused CONFIG_SERIAL_SOFTWARE_FIFO featureStefan Roese2010-09-231-1/+0
* powerpc/85xx: configure autocompletion supportKim Phillips2010-08-011-1/+2
* powerpc/p2020ds: Integrated with P2020DS DDR change and enabled hwconfigyork2010-07-261-0/+6
* powerpc/p2020: Move INIT_RAM_ADDR physical address higher for 36-bit for P2020DSyork2010-07-261-0/+12
* powerpc/85xx: Move PCI/PCIe address defines into common immap_85xx.hKumar Gala2010-07-201-4/+0
* mpc85xx: Add reginfo commandBecky Bruce2010-07-161-0/+1
* Move ICS CLK chip frequency calculation code into a common board libraryKumar Gala2010-07-161-11/+5
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