path: root/drivers/usb/musb-new/musb_uboot.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* usb: musb-new: CONFIG_MUSB prefix replacement with CONFIG_USB_MUSBPaul Kocialkowski2015-08-051-6/+6
* musb: Add device-model support to the musb-host u-boot glueHans de Goede2015-07-211-1/+69
* musb: Add musb_host_data struct to hold global dataHans de Goede2015-07-211-54/+53
* musb: Rename and wrap public functionsHans de Goede2015-07-211-11/+59
* musb: Update usb-compat to work with struct usb_device without a parent ptrHans de Goede2015-07-211-1/+1
* musb: Allow musb_platform_enable to return an error codeHans de Goede2015-07-211-1/+5
* usb: Add an usb_device parameter to usb_reset_root_portHans de Goede2015-07-211-2/+2
* sunxi: usb: Rename the usbc.? files to usb_phy.?Hans de Goede2015-05-041-1/+1
* sunxi: usb: Rename sunxi_usbc_foo functions to sunxi_usb_phy_barHans de Goede2015-05-041-2/+2
* dm: usb: Add a uclass for USB controllersSimon Glass2015-04-181-1/+3
* usb: modify usb_gadget_handle_interrupts to take controller indexKishon Vijay Abraham I2015-04-141-1/+1
* sunxi: musb: Fix some lo speed devices not working with musb hostHans de Goede2015-03-291-0/+14
* musb-new: Add interrupt queue supportHans de Goede2015-01-181-0/+65
* musb-new: Add urb and hep parameters to construct_urbHans de Goede2015-01-181-32/+31
* musb-new: Properly remove a transfer from the schedule on timeoutHans de Goede2015-01-181-0/+3
* musb-new: Fix reset sequence when in host modeHans de Goede2015-01-181-11/+20
* musb-new: Fix interrupt transfers not workingHans de Goede2015-01-181-1/+1
* musb-new: Use time based timeouts rather then cpu-cycles based timeoutsHans de Goede2015-01-181-8/+8
* kbuild: force to define __UBOOT__ in all the C sourcesMasahiro Yamada2014-09-161-1/+0
* usb: musb: fill in usb_gadget_unregister_driverRob Herring2014-04-301-1/+4
* usb: add enum usb_init_type parameter to usb_lowlevel_initTroy Kisky2013-10-201-1/+1
* usb, musb-new: add wdt triggerHeiko Schocher2013-06-301-0/+2
* musb: set MUSB speed based on CONFIGBin Liu2013-04-081-1/+1
* musb-new: port of Linux musb driverIlya Yanok2012-11-201-0/+237
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