path: root/drivers/ddr/fsl
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* driver/ddr/freescale: Fix DDR3 driver for ARMYork Sun2014-09-081-1/+1
* driver/ddr/freescale: Add support of accumulate ECCYork Sun2014-09-081-0/+5
* driver/ddr: Fix DDR register timing_cfg_8York Sun2014-07-221-0/+3
* driver/ddr: Fix DDR4 driver for ARMYork Sun2014-07-221-2/+5
* driver/ddr/fsl: Fix printing unspecified module info for DDR4York Sun2014-06-051-1/+1
* powerpc/mpc85xx: Add workaround for DDR erratum A004508York Sun2014-06-051-0/+5
* Add cli_ prefix to readline functionsSimon Glass2014-05-291-3/+4
* move CLI prototypes to cli.h and add commentsSimon Glass2014-05-291-0/+1
* mpc85xx/t104x: Add deep sleep framework supportTang Yuantian2014-04-221-4/+48
* drivers/ddr: Fix possible out of bounds errorYork Sun2014-04-223-58/+64
* driver/ddr/fsl: Add DDR4 support to Freescale DDR driverYork Sun2014-04-229-269/+1906
* driver/ddr: Add 256 byte interleaving supportYork Sun2014-02-214-2/+20
* Driver/ddr: Add support of different DDR base addressYork Sun2014-02-211-2/+14
* driver/ddr: Change Freescale ARM DDR driver to support both big and little en...York Sun2014-02-213-59/+60
* powerpc/mpc85xx: Revise workaround for DDR-A003York Sun2014-01-211-2/+67
* Driver/DDR: Update DDR driver to allow non-zero base addressYork Sun2013-11-251-3/+3
* powerpc/mpc8xxx: Extend DDR registers' fieldsYork Sun2013-11-251-8/+12
* Driver/DDR: Add Freescale DDR driver for ARMYork Sun2013-11-254-4/+227
* Driver/DDR: combine ccsr_ddr for 83xx, 85xx and 86xxYork Sun2013-11-256-8/+14
* Driver/DDR: Moving Freescale DDR driver to a common driverYork Sun2013-11-2514-0/+7977
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