path: root/drivers/core/root.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dm: core: Select device tree control correctly for SPLSimon Glass2015-04-231-6/+8
* dm: Add support for all targets which requires MANUAL_RELOCMichal Simek2015-02-121-0/+64
* dm: core: Ignore disabled devices when bindingSimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+5
* dm: core: Set device tree node for root deviceSimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+3
* dm: core: a trivial clean upMasahiro Yamada2014-11-221-3/+1
* dm: Adjust lists_bind_fdt() to return the bound deviceSimon Glass2014-09-101-1/+1
* dm: Add dm_scan_other() to locate board-specific devicesSimon Glass2014-07-231-0/+8
* dm: Provide a function to scan child FDT nodesSimon Glass2014-07-231-15/+18
* dm: Support driver model prior to relocationSimon Glass2014-07-231-0/+25
* dm: Allow drivers to be marked 'before relocation'Simon Glass2014-07-231-4/+7
* dm: Provide a way to shut down driver modelSimon Glass2014-07-231-0/+8
* dm: Make sure that the root device is probedSimon Glass2014-07-231-0/+3
* dm: add missing includesJeroen Hofstee2014-07-181-0/+1
* dm: Cast away the const-ness of the global_data pointerSimon Glass2014-06-201-3/+3
* dm: Add missing header files in lists and rootSimon Glass2014-06-201-0/+1
* dm: rename device struct to udeviceHeiko Schocher2014-05-271-1/+1
* dm: Add base driver model supportSimon Glass2014-03-041-0/+102
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