path: root/common/cmd_mdio.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net: add support for extended registers to mdio commandStefano Babic2013-11-221-16/+59
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-17/+1
* common/cmd_*.c: sparse fixesKim Phillips2012-11-041-10/+10
* Convert cmd_usage() calls in common to use a return valueSimon Glass2012-03-061-1/+1
* common/cmd_mdio.c: fix compile warningAnatolij Gustschin2011-04-301-2/+2
* Add mdio command for new PHY infrastructureAndy Fleming2011-04-201-0/+286
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