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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Coding Style cleanup: replace leading SPACEs by TABsWolfgang Denk2013-10-142-2/+2
* Coding Style cleanup: remove trailing white spaceWolfgang Denk2013-10-142-2/+2
* nios2: fix missing comment terminator from SPDX License commitThomas Chou2013-09-061-0/+1
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-2432-536/+32
* Build arch/$ARCH/lib/bootm.o depending on CONFIG_CMD_BOOTMDirk Eibach2013-07-161-1/+1
* avr32/m68k/microblaze/nds32/nios2/openrisc/sh/sparc: fix do_bootm_linuxAndreas Bießmann2013-07-021-0/+6
* Clarify bootm OS argumentsSimon Glass2013-06-261-2/+2
* lib: consolidate hang()Andreas Bießmann2013-05-011-11/+0
* nios2: fix style in board.c.Andreas Bießmann2013-05-011-22/+21
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2013-03-181-1/+1
| * Refactor linker-generated arraysAlbert ARIBAUD2013-03-121-1/+1
* | Introduce generic link section.h symbol filesSimon Glass2013-03-151-0/+27
* | Replace __bss_end__ with __bss_endSimon Glass2013-03-152-4/+4
* Clean up libfdt.h includesGerald Van Baren2013-02-081-1/+0
* nios2: Use generic global_dataSimon Glass2013-02-041-23/+1
* Add architecture-specific global dataSimon Glass2013-02-011-0/+5
* nios2: remove asm/status_led.hThomas Chou2012-11-101-31/+0
* common: Discard the __u_boot_cmd sectionMarek Vasut2012-10-221-7/+0
* common: Add .u_boot_list into all linker filesMarek Vasut2012-10-221-0/+5
* nios2: Change bi_baudrate and global data baudrate to intSimon Glass2012-10-192-2/+2
* global_data: unify global flag definesMike Frysinger2012-08-091-9/+1
* nios2: move gd and bd into BSSThomas Chou2012-07-161-7/+5
* net: punt bd->bi_ip_addrMike Frysinger2012-05-152-3/+0
* nios2: implement get_ticks and get_tbclkAlex Hornung2012-02-231-0/+21
* nios2: add flush_dcache_range functionStefan Kristiansson2012-02-231-0/+10
* nios2: Offer ft_board_setup() capability and call fdt_fixup_ethernet().Joachim Foerster2011-10-302-0/+54
* gpio: Add driver for Altera's PIO coreJoachim Foerster2011-10-281-2/+11
* nios2: Pseudo implement dcache_status/enable/disable()Joachim Foerster2011-10-281-0/+16
* nios2: cache: define ARCH_DMA_MINALIGN for DMA buffer alignmentAnton Staaf2011-10-231-0/+11
* net: drop !NET_MULTI codeMike Frysinger2011-10-051-2/+0
* image: push default arch values to arch headersMike Frysinger2011-10-051-0/+2
* POST: add post_log_res field for post results in global dataValentin Longchamp2011-10-051-0/+1
* console: Implement pre-console bufferGraeme Russ2011-10-051-0/+3
* unify version_stringAndreas Bießmann2011-07-281-8/+1
* Timer: Remove set_timer completelyGraeme Russ2011-07-261-6/+0
* nios2: Make STANDALONE_LOAD_ADDR configurable per boardThomas Chou2011-05-161-1/+1
* Handle most LDSCRIPT setting centrallyScott Wood2011-04-301-2/+0
* rename _end to __bss_end__Po-Yu Chuang2011-03-272-4/+4
* Introduce a new linker flag LDFLAGS_FINALHaiying Wang2011-03-221-1/+1
* nios2: add gpio_is_validThomas Chou2011-02-081-0/+6
* nios2: use long for ssize_tThomas Chou2011-02-081-1/+1
* nios2: add gpio_freeThomas Chou2011-02-081-0/+6
* Divides variable of linker flags to LDFLAGS-u-boot and LDFLAGSNobuhiro Iwamatsu2011-01-251-1/+1
* Remove redundant filesWolfgang Denk2010-12-091-24/+0
* do_reset: unify duplicate prototypesMike Frysinger2010-11-281-1/+1
* Switch from archive libraries to partial linkingSebastien Carlier2010-11-172-4/+4
* Replace CONFIG_RELOC_FIXUP_WORKS by CONFIG_NEEDS_MANUAL_RELOCWolfgang Denk2010-10-291-3/+0
* Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated valueWolfgang Denk2010-10-262-2/+2
* FDT: only call boot_get_fdt from generic codeJohn Rigby2010-10-181-5/+3
* New implementation for internal handling of environment variables.Wolfgang Denk2010-09-191-6/+7
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