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* omap3: Use a define for reboot reason offsetPaul Kocialkowski2016-03-151-0/+2
* omap3: String-based reboot mode handlingPaul Kocialkowski2016-03-151-2/+2
* omap-common: Common function to display die id, replacing omap3-specific versionPaul Kocialkowski2015-10-221-1/+0
* omap3: omap_die_id supportPaul Kocialkowski2015-10-221-1/+0
* omap3: Reboot mode supportPaul Kocialkowski2015-08-121-0/+7
* omap3: Definitions for SYS_BOOT-based fallback boot device selectionPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-271-1/+0
* omap: SPL boot devices cleanup and completionPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-271-8/+10
* omap-common: Common boot code OMAP3 support and cleanupPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-272-0/+15
* ARM: OMAP3: rx51: Enable workaround for ARM errata 454179, 430973, 621766Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+1
* ARM: OMAP3: Get rid of omap3_gp_romcode_call and replace with omap_smc1Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-1/+0
* ARM: OMAP3: Rename omap3.h to omap.h to be generic as all SoCsNishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+0
* omap3: add some MUX definitions for upcoming cairoAlbert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)2015-01-291-2/+49
* omap3: mmc: add 1.8v bias setting for MMC1Albert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)2015-01-291-0/+1
* omap3: add SDRC settings for Samsung K4X51163PGAlbert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)2015-01-291-0/+43
* omap3: make SDRC SHARING setting configurableAlbert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)2015-01-291-0/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2014-10-271-2/+2
| * omap3/am33xx: mux: fix several checkpatch issuesIgor Grinberg2014-10-231-2/+2
* | omap3: board: add missing include and protoJeroen Hofstee2014-10-251-0/+1
* ARM: omap: clean redundant PISMO_xx macros used in OMAP3pekon gupta2014-07-252-14/+0
* omap3: remove remnant macros GPMC_NAND_ECC_LP_x8_LAYOUT and GPMC_NAND_ECC_LP_...pekon gupta2014-06-061-8/+0
* ARM: omap: merge GPMC initialization code for all platformpekon gupta2014-05-231-0/+1
* OMAP3: beagle-xm: generate fake USB ethernet MAC address from dieidNishanth Menon2014-04-171-0/+1
* omap3/sys_info: provide interface to read die idNishanth Menon2014-04-171-0/+1
* ARM: OMAP: hide custom bit manipulation function sr32()Wolfgang Denk2014-04-171-1/+0
* spl: Fix guardian macros in spl.hMarek Vasut2014-03-281-1/+1
* mtd: nand: omap: move omap_gpmc.h from arch/arm/include/asm to drivers/mtd/nandpekon gupta2014-03-041-1/+1
* mtd: nand: omap: merge duplicate GPMC data from different arch-xx headers int...pekon gupta2014-03-042-53/+2
* mtd: nand: omap: remove redundant platform specific header: arch-xx/omap_gpmc.hpekon gupta2014-03-042-36/+10
* ARM: OMAP3: Rename OMAP3_PUBLIC_SRAM_* to NON_SECURE_SRAM_*Enric Balletbò i Serra2014-01-241-3/+3
* Merge branch 'u-boot/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD2013-12-101-4/+5
| * omap3_dss: define DSS_ONOFFNikita Kiryanov2013-11-121-4/+5
* | arm: omap3: Enable clocks for peripherals only if they are usedMichael Trimarchi2013-12-061-2/+0
* | arm: omap3: Add uart4 omap3 adddressMichael Trimarchi2013-12-041-0/+1
* Merge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD2013-09-041-2/+0
| * arm: omap3: fix SRAM copy and execution sequenceAlbert ARIBAUD2013-08-281-2/+0
* | SPDX-License-Identifier: fixing some problematic GPL-2.0 filesWolfgang Denk2013-08-191-18/+1
* ARM: omap3: Implement dpll5 (HSUSB clk) workaround for OMAP36xx/AM/DM37xx acc...Naumann Andreas2013-08-152-0/+23
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-2417-267/+19
* ARM: OMAP: GPIO: Fix valid range and enable usage of all GPIOs on OMAP5Axel Lin2013-07-021-0/+2
* ARM: OMAP2+: Rename asm/arch/clocks.h asm/arch/clock.hLokesh Vutla2013-06-101-0/+0
* OMAP3+: introduce generic ABB supportAndrii Tseglytskyi2013-06-101-0/+7
* OMAP3/4/5/AM33xx: Correct logic for checking FAT or RAW MMCTom Rini2013-04-081-0/+3
* omap_gpmc: change nandecc commandAndreas Bießmann2013-04-081-1/+1
* omap3/omap_gpmc.h: add ooblayout for BCH8 as in kernelAndreas Bießmann2013-04-081-0/+17
* asm/omap_gpmc.h: consolidate common definesAndreas Bießmann2013-04-081-57/+0
* omap3/cpu.h: add BCH supportAndreas Bießmann2013-04-081-0/+6
* SPL: ONENAND: Fix some ONENAND related defines.Enric Balletbo i Serra2013-03-081-1/+1
* omap3: allow dynamic selection of gfx_formatNikita Kiryanov2013-03-081-0/+1
* omap3: add useful dss definesNikita Kiryanov2013-03-081-0/+30
* omap: consolidate common mmc definitionsNikita Kiryanov2013-03-081-137/+2
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