path: root/arch/arm/include/asm/arch-mx25
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* imx: cpu: move common chip revision id'sAdrian Alonso2015-10-301-4/+0
* i2c, mxc: rework i2c base address names for different SoCsHeiko Schocher2015-05-261-3/+3
* imx25: Add new hardware registersThomas Diener2014-05-091-0/+175
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-245-85/+5
* imx: mx25: Remove legacy iomux supportBenoît Thébaudeau2013-05-052-453/+0
* imx: iomux-v3: Add iomux-mx25.hBenoît Thébaudeau2013-05-052-0/+546
* Add fsl_iim driverBenoît Thébaudeau2013-04-281-0/+1
* imx: Add useful fuse definitionsBenoît Thébaudeau2013-04-281-1/+10
* imx: Homogenize and fix fuse register definitionsBenoît Thébaudeau2013-04-281-2/+6
* ehci-mxc: Define host offsetsBenoît Thébaudeau2012-11-161-0/+1
* mx25: Place common functions into sys_proto.hFabio Estevam2012-10-262-4/+3
* mx25: Clean up imx-regs.hBenoît Thébaudeau2012-10-161-3/+3
* mx25: Clean up lowlevel_initBenoît Thébaudeau2012-10-151-22/+65
* mx25: Clean up clocks APIBenoît Thébaudeau2012-10-151-6/+3
* mx25 clocks: Fix MXC_FEC_CLKBenoît Thébaudeau2012-10-151-1/+1
* mx25: Define more standard clocksBenoît Thébaudeau2012-10-151-0/+5
* mx25: add CPU revision 1.2Eric Benard2012-10-151-0/+1
* mx25: Define default SoC input clock frequenciesBenoît Thébaudeau2012-09-061-0/+14
* mxc: Define architecture identifierBenoît Thébaudeau2012-09-011-0/+2
* MX: Set a common gpio.h for all i.MXStefano Babic2012-09-011-16/+1
* i.MX2: Include asm/types.h in arch-mx25/imx-regs.hTimo Ketola2012-05-151-0/+3
* i.MX25: esdhc: Add mxc_get_clock infrastructureTimo Ketola2012-05-151-0/+23
* MX: serial_mxc: cleanup removing nasty #ifdefStefano Babic2011-12-061-5/+5
* FEC: Move imx_get_mac_from_fuse() definition to fec_mxc.hMarek Vasut2011-09-301-1/+0
* MX25: tx25: Avoid the usage of extern in C fileFabio Estevam2011-09-301-0/+29
* ARM: mx25: Print the silicon revisonFabio Estevam2011-09-301-0/+3
* Makefile : fix generation of cpu related asm-offsets.hStefano Babic2011-09-071-1/+1
* MX25: make use of GPIO framework for MX25 processorStefano Babic2011-09-042-12/+45
* imx: Add support for zmx25 boardMatthias Weisser2011-07-141-0/+64
* imx: Make imx25 compatible to mxc_gpio driver and fix in tx25Matthias Weisser2011-07-141-2/+8
* imx: Add auto generation of asm-offsets.h for imx25Matthias Weisser2011-07-141-0/+39
* imx: Get fec mac address from fuseLiu Hui-R643432010-11-211-8/+11
* imx25: Fix resetMatthias Weisser2010-10-281-6/+8
* Move architecture-specific includes to arch/$ARCH/include/asmPeter Tyser2010-04-133-0/+773
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