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* cmd: bootvx: Always get VxWorks bootline from envBin Meng2015-10-211-10/+2
* arndale: Apply Cortex-A15 errata #773022 and #774769Ian Campbell2015-10-111-1/+3
* I2C: mxc_i2c: make I2C1 and I2C2 optionalAlbert ARIBAUD \\(3ADEV\\)2015-10-021-2/+6
* arm: Remove unused ST-Ericsson u8500 archStefan Roese2015-09-151-12/+0
* tpm: Drop two unused optionsSimon Glass2015-08-311-6/+0
* net: e1000: Add Kconfig optionsSimon Glass2015-08-211-3/+0
* ARM: Introduce erratum workaround for 801819Nishanth Menon2015-08-121-0/+1
* Reproducible U-Boot build support, using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCHPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-271-0/+12
* usb: CONFIG_USB_FASTBOOT prefix replacement for consistencyPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-221-2/+2
* usb: Fastboot function config for better consistency with other functionsPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-221-0/+3
* usb: USB download gadget and functions config options coherent namingPaul Kocialkowski2015-07-221-1/+1
* armv8/fsl-lsch3: Support 256M mem split for MC & dbg-srvrPrabhakar Kushwaha2015-07-201-0/+15
* README: Remove CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_DATAFLASH help textJagan Teki2015-07-011-5/+0
* README: Remove CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_BAR help textJagan Teki2015-07-011-5/+0
* README: Remove CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_MTD help textJagan Teki2015-07-011-9/+0
* README: Add CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_DATAFLASH descriptionJagan Teki2015-07-011-0/+5
* mtd, spi: Add MTD layer driverDaniel Schwierzeck2015-06-301-0/+9
* Move defaults from config_cmd_default.h to KconfigJoe Hershberger2015-06-251-3/+1
* README: Describe CONFIG_SYS_NO_FLASHChris Packham2015-06-191-0/+13
* autoboot.c: Remove CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_STOP_STR2 and CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_DELAY_STR2Stefan Roese2015-06-081-2/+0
* env: Add regex support to env_attrsJoe Hershberger2015-05-211-0/+8
* Merge git:// Rini2015-05-201-15/+4
| * net: Remove all references to CONFIG_ETHADDR and friendsJoe Hershberger2015-05-191-14/+2
| * net: Implement random ethaddr fallback in eth.cJoe Hershberger2015-05-191-1/+2
* | console: Fix pre-console flushing via cfb_console being very slowHans de Goede2015-05-191-0/+3
* README: fix typo in 'currently'Fabio Estevam2015-05-081-1/+1
* x86: Remove the old VGA driverBin Meng2015-04-291-6/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-04-281-11/+0
| * Revert "spi: add config option to enable the WP pin function on st micron fla...Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki2015-04-231-11/+0
* | armv8/ls2085a: Fix generic timer clock sourceYork Sun2015-04-231-0/+8
* | driver/ddr/fsl: Add built-in memory test for DDR4 driverYork Sun2015-04-231-0/+3
* | driver/i2c/mxc: Enable I2C bus 3 and 4York Sun2015-04-231-0/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-04-201-0/+20
| * common/lcd_console: introduce display/framebuffer rotationHannes Petermaier2015-04-181-0/+20
* | Kconfig: Move CONFIG_BOOTSTAGE to KconfigSimon Glass2015-04-181-49/+0
* | net: cosmetic: Fix failures in net.cJoe Hershberger2015-04-181-3/+3
* Introduce CONFIG_SPL_PANIC_ON_RAW_IMAGEAlbert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)2015-04-101-0/+10
* nand: Remove CONFIG_MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITEPeter Tyser2015-03-301-3/+0
* generic-board: move __HAVE_ARCH_GENERIC_BOARD to KconfigMasahiro Yamada2015-03-281-3/+3
* README: remove description about driver model configuration options (again)Masahiro Yamada2015-03-131-113/+0
* ARM: Introduce erratum workaround for 621766Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+1
* ARM: Introduce erratum workaround for 430973Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+1
* ARM: Introduce erratum workaround for 454179Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+1
* ARM: Introduce erratum workaround for 798870Nishanth Menon2015-03-131-0/+5
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-03-101-0/+119
| * ARM: tegra: support running in non-secure modeStephen Warren2015-03-041-0/+7
* | README: remove description about driver model configuration optionsMasahiro Yamada2015-03-051-113/+0
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-03-051-0/+3
|\ \
| * \ Merge branch 'master' of git:// Babic2015-03-021-4/+19
| |\ \
| * | | cmd_eeprom: make it possible to define the used i2c busChristian Gmeiner2015-02-171-0/+3
| | |/ | |/|
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