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| * pci/layerscape: add defines for LUTStuart Yoder2016-03-211-0/+4
| * pci: make pci_get_hose_head() available to external usersStuart Yoder2016-03-211-0/+1
| * armv8: ls2080a: update stream ID partitioning infoStuart Yoder2016-03-211-21/+34
| * armv8: ls2080a: remove obsolete stream ID partitioning supportStuart Yoder2016-03-212-183/+0
| * boards: ls2080: Fix default bootargsYork Sun2016-03-212-2/+2
| * arm: ls102xa: fdt: Update FSL_QSPI_COMPAT and FSL_DSPI_COMPATAlison Wang2016-03-211-2/+2
| * drivers/crypto/fsl: define structures for PDBAneesh Bansal2016-03-211-0/+55
| * drivers/crypto/fsl: add constructs for protocol descriptorsAneesh Bansal2016-03-212-0/+52
| * drivers/crypto/fsl: correct error checking in run_descriptorAneesh Bansal2016-03-211-1/+1
| * armv8: ls2080ardb: invert irq pins polarity for AQR405 PHYShaohui Xie2016-03-213-0/+9
| * armv8: lsch3: Enable WUO config for RNI-20 nodePrabhakar Kushwaha2016-03-213-0/+31
| * arm64: Fix layerscape mmu setupAlexander Graf2016-03-212-1/+6
* | strider: use optimised bus timing for FPGA accessReinhard Pfau2016-03-211-6/+5
* | strider: Define pca593x widthsDirk Eibach2016-03-211-0/+5
* | strider: Add DP501 support for cpu modelDirk Eibach2016-03-214-26/+59
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2016-03-204-11/+26
|\ \
| * | arm: socfpga: sr1500: Misc updates (SPI speed, env location)Stefan Roese2016-03-203-8/+15
| * | arm: socfpga: Allow boards to define a custom environment sizeStefan Roese2016-03-201-0/+2
| * | arm: socfpga: Fix SR1500 env positionMarek Vasut2016-03-201-7/+7
| * | arm: socfpga: Enabling U-Boot environment support in QSPIChin Liang See2016-03-201-0/+6
* | | usb: xhci: Fix vendor command error if the request type is USB_REQ_SET_ADDRES...Ted Chen2016-03-201-2/+4
* | | usb: Change power-on / scanning timeout handlingStefan Roese2016-03-202-94/+227
* | | usb: Don't reset the USB hub a 2nd timeStefan Roese2016-03-201-12/+1
* | | usb: Remove 200 ms delay in usb_hub_port_connect_change()Stefan Roese2016-03-201-3/+0
* | | usb: legacy_hub_port_reset(): Speedup hub reset handlingStefan Roese2016-03-201-2/+7
|/ /
* | dm: blk: Add tests for block devicesSimon Glass2016-03-172-0/+97
* | dm: sandbox: Drop the pre-DM host implementationSimon Glass2016-03-171-90/+0
* | dm: sandbox: Switch over to use DM for block devicesSimon Glass2016-03-171-0/+1
* | dm: usb: Unbind old block devices when shutting down USBSimon Glass2016-03-171-1/+5
* | buildman: Clarify the use of -VSimon Glass2016-03-172-2/+3
* | buildman: Add a way to specific a full toolchain prefixSimon Glass2016-03-172-110/+226
* | buildman: Allow branch names which conflict with directoriesSimon Glass2016-03-172-0/+7
* | dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset propertyMichal Simek2016-03-172-2/+5
* | Revert "fdt: fix address cell count checking in fdt_translate_address()"Przemyslaw Marczak2016-03-171-3/+4
* | dts:exynos:update pinctrl size-cells and fix child regsPrzemyslaw Marczak2016-03-175-29/+29
* | gpio: Report errors when GPIOs cannot be readSimon Glass2016-03-171-7/+27
* cmd_dhry.c: Use lldiv for vax_mips calculation as wellTom Rini2016-03-171-1/+1
* x86: Add congatec conga-QA3/E3845-4G (Bay Trail) supportStefan Roese2016-03-1711-0/+506
* x86: Add support for the samus chromebookSimon Glass2016-03-1711-1/+876
* x86: Support a chained-boot development flowSimon Glass2016-03-171-0/+80
* x86: dts: Drop memory SPD compatible stringSimon Glass2016-03-173-3/+0
* x86: ivybridge: Convert to use the common SDRAM codeSimon Glass2016-03-171-311/+83
* x86: Add common SDRAM-init codeSimon Glass2016-03-173-0/+327
* x86: Move common PCH code into a common placeSimon Glass2016-03-176-84/+99
* dhry: Correct dhrystone calculation for fast machinesSimon Glass2016-03-171-3/+5
* arm: Add a 64-bit division routine to the private librarySimon Glass2016-03-172-1/+247
* x86: Fix a header nit in x86-chromebook.hSimon Glass2016-03-171-1/+0
* x86: Add a function to set the IOAPIC IDSimon Glass2016-03-172-0/+18
* x86: Update README for new developmentsSimon Glass2016-03-171-3/+13
* x86: Use white on black for the console on chromebooksSimon Glass2016-03-171-0/+2
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