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* 74xx/7xx/86xx: Rename flush_data_cache to flush_dcache to match 85xx versionKumar Gala2008-10-182-10/+10
* Expose command table search for sub-commandsKumar Gala2008-10-182-4/+17
* mgsuvd, mgcoge: added BOOTCOUNT feature.Heiko Schocher2008-10-182-0/+4
* mgcoge, mgsuvd: added support for the IVM EEprom.Heiko Schocher2008-10-185-0/+314
* hush: add showvar command for hush shell.Heiko Schocher2008-10-183-8/+62
* I2C: adding new "i2c bus" Command to the I2C Subsystem.Heiko Schocher2008-10-187-2/+367
* mgcoge, mgsuvd: add board specific I2C deblocking mechanism.Heiko Schocher2008-10-185-2/+213
* soft_i2c: Add CFG_I2C_INIT_BOARD optionHeiko Schocher2008-10-181-0/+11
* mgcoge, mgsuvd: add DTT (LM75) support.Heiko Schocher2008-10-182-0/+18
* lm75: Make the LM75 MULTI_BUS compatible.Heiko Schocher2008-10-181-0/+6
* lm75: fix Codingstyle issues.Heiko Schocher2008-10-181-123/+99
* mgcoge, mgsuvd: added EEprom support.Heiko Schocher2008-10-182-0/+15
* mgcoge, mgsuvd: add I2C support.Heiko Schocher2008-10-184-2/+91
* soft_i2c: prevent compiler warnings if driver does not use CPU Pins.Heiko Schocher2008-10-182-37/+15
* i2c: add CONFIG_I2C_MULTI_BUS for soft_i2c and mpc8260 i2c driver.Heiko Schocher2008-10-182-0/+72
* mgcoge: fix Coding Style issues.Heiko Schocher2008-10-181-41/+38
* I2C: add new command i2c reset.Heiko Schocher2008-10-181-0/+9
* mgsuvd, mgcoge: move this 2 boards in one dir.Heiko Schocher2008-10-188-2/+8
* hwmon: Add LM63 supportDirk Eibach2008-10-183-0/+176
* Add Red Black Tree supportKyungmin Park2008-10-183-0/+551
* CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION: Added support for EFI partition in cmd_ext2fs.crichardretanubun2008-10-181-2/+2
* Add support for CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION (GUID Partition Table)richardretanubun2008-10-186-4/+603
* FIT: output image load address for type 'firmware', fix message while thereBartlomiej Sieka2008-10-181-3/+9
* Automatic software update from TFTP serverBartlomiej Sieka2008-10-187-0/+487
* flash: factor out adjusting of Flash address to the end of sectorBartlomiej Sieka2008-10-182-33/+43
* net: Make TFTP server timeout configurableBartlomiej Sieka2008-10-181-4/+24
* net: express the first argument to NetSetTimeout() in millisecondsBartlomiej Sieka2008-10-187-33/+28
* Adds two more ethernet interface to 83xxrichardretanubun2008-10-1810-2/+126
* Change UEC PHY interface to RGMII on MPC8568MDSHaiying Wang2008-10-185-2/+36
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2008-10-151-3/+4
| * mpc83xx: wait till UPM completes the write to arraySelvamuthukumar2008-10-141-3/+4
* | Fix compiler warning in lib_ppc/board.cHeiko Schocher2008-10-152-3/+3
* Remove unwanted ';' at end of define.Selvamuthukumar2008-10-147-12/+12
* ARM DaVinci: Add maintainer information for SFFSDR board.Hugo Villeneuve2008-10-141-0/+4
* api: fix type mismatchMatthias Fuchs2008-10-141-1/+1
* cmd_i2c: Fix help for CONFIG_I2C_CMD_TREE && !CONFIG_I2C_MULTI_BUSPeter Tyser2008-10-141-4/+4
* Update CHANGELOGWolfgang Denk2008-10-141-0/+793
* Do not init SATA when disabled on 8536DS.Jason Jin2008-10-142-2/+26
* fsl_diu: fix alignment error that caused malloc corruptionNikita V. Youshchenko2008-10-141-3/+3
* api: Fix building with CONFIG_APIMatthias Fuchs2008-10-141-0/+4
* Remove unused CFG_EEPROM_PAGE_WRITE_ENABLE referencesPeter Tyser2008-10-1465-74/+0
* Remove CFG_EEPROM_PAGE* dependencies for temperature sensorsPeter Tyser2008-10-143-17/+0
* cmd_spi: remove broken signed casting for displayMike Frysinger2008-10-141-2/+1
* strings cmd: drop old CONFIG_CFG_STRINGS defineMike Frysinger2008-10-141-4/+0
* Fix the NAND size overflow issue.Jason Jin2008-10-141-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2008-10-148-723/+1939
| * AX88180: new gigabit network driverLouis Su2008-10-133-0/+1140
| * enable 10/100M at VSC8601 at tsec driverAndre Schwarz2008-10-131-0/+2
| * net: ne2000: Divided a function of NE2000 driverNobuhiro Iwamatsu2008-10-135-723/+797
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2008-10-142-2/+9
|\ \
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