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* post: remove #warning for kirkwood CPUsValentin Longchamp2012-03-301-2/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2012-03-30198-4188/+6109
| * arm: Use common .lds file where possibleSimon Glass2012-03-3013-1071/+0
| * arm: add a common .lds link scriptSimon Glass2012-03-301-0/+94
| * arm: Remove unneeded setting of LDCSRIPTSimon Glass2012-03-301-7/+0
| * Define CPUDIR for the .lds link scriptSimon Glass2012-03-302-0/+2
| * arm: Remove zipitz2 link scriptSimon Glass2012-03-301-56/+0
| * Allow arch directory to contain .lds without requiring MakefileSimon Glass2012-03-302-1/+12
| * OMAP: Remove omap1610inn-based boardsTom Rini2012-03-299-1735/+0
| * arch/arm/cpu/armv7/omap-common/clocks-common.c: Fix build warningsAnatolij Gustschin2012-03-291-3/+1
| * board/ti/beagle/beagle.c: Fix build warningsAnatolij Gustschin2012-03-291-1/+2
| * sdrc.c: Fix typo in do_sdrc_init() for SPLTom Rini2012-03-291-1/+1
| * tegra: i2c: Add I2C driverYen Lin2012-03-295-0/+731
| * tegra: fdt: i2c: Add extra I2C bindings for U-BootSimon Glass2012-03-292-1/+32
| * tegra: i2c: Select I2C ordering for SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+18
| * tegra: i2c: Enable I2C on SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+8
| * tegra: i2c: Select number of controllers for Tegra2 boardsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+3
| * tegra: i2c: Initialise I2C on Nvidia boardsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+7
| * tegra: Enhance clock support to handle 16-bit clock divisorsSimon Glass2012-03-292-24/+49
| * fdt: Add function to allow aliases to refer to multiple nodesSimon Glass2012-03-292-4/+41
| * tegra: Rename NV_PA_PMC_BASE to TEGRA2_PMC_BASESimon Glass2012-03-293-8/+8
| * tegra: fdt: Enable FDT support for VentanaTom Warren2012-03-291-0/+5
| * tegra: fdt: Enable FDT support for SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+5
| * tegra: usb: Enable USB on SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+7
| * tegra: usb: Add common USB defines for tegra2 boardsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+10
| * tegra: usb: Add USB support to nvidia boardsSimon Glass2012-03-293-0/+24
| * arm: Check for valid FDT after console is upSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+8
| * fdt: Avoid early panic() when there is no FDT presentSimon Glass2012-03-292-7/+34
| * tegra: usb: Add support for Tegra USB peripheralSimon Glass2012-03-298-1/+782
| * tegra: fdt: Add function to return peripheral/clock IDSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+71
| * usb: Add support for txfifo thresholdSimon Glass2012-03-293-1/+15
| * tegra: usb: fdt: Add USB definitions for Tegra2 SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+11
| * tegra: usb: fdt: Add additional device tree definitions for USB portsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+4
| * tegra: fdt: Add clock bindings for Tegra2 SeaboardSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+27
| * tegra: fdt: Add clock bindingsSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+223
| * tegra: fdt: Add additional USB bindingSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+12
| * fdt: Add tegra-usb bindings file from linuxSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+13
| * fdt: Add staging area for device tree binding documentationSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+17
| * tegra: fdt: Add device tree file for Tegra2 Seaboard from kernelSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+36
| * tegra: fdt: Add Tegra2x device tree file from kernelSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+170
| * arm: fdt: Add skeleton device tree file from kernelSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+13
| * fdt: Add basic support for decoding GPIO definitionsSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+124
| * fdt: Add functions to access phandles, arrays and boolsSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+106
| * fdt: Tidy up a few fdtdec problemsSimon Glass2012-03-292-10/+35
| * fdt: Add tests for fdtdecSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+227
| * fdt: Add fdtdec_find_aliases() to deal with alias nodesSimon Glass2012-03-292-0/+163
| * arm: Tegra2: Fix ELDK42 gcc failure with inline asm stack pointer loadTom Warren2012-03-291-5/+5
| * net: fec_mxc: allow use with cache enabledEric Nelson2012-03-292-104/+192
| * net: force PKTALIGN to ARCH_DMA_MINALIGNEric Nelson2012-03-291-1/+2
| * i.MX28: Enable caches by defaultMarek Vasut2012-03-291-0/+10
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