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@@ -96,6 +96,24 @@ config SPL
If you want to build SPL as well as the normal image, say Y.
+config SPL_STACK_R
+ depends on SPL
+ bool "Enable SDRAM location for SPL stack"
+ help
+ SPL starts off execution in SRAM and thus typically has only a small
+ stack available. Since SPL sets up DRAM while in its board_init_f()
+ function, it is possible for the stack to move there before
+ board_init_r() is reached. This option enables a special SDRAM
+ location for the SPL stack. U-Boot SPL switches to this after
+ board_init_f() completes, and before board_init_r() starts.
+ depends on SPL_STACK_R
+ hex "SDRAM location for SPL stack"
+ help
+ Specify the address in SDRAM for the SPL stack. This will be set up
+ before board_init_r() is called.
config TPL
depends on SPL && SUPPORT_TPL
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