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authorTom Rini <>2015-04-27 11:34:38 -0400
committerSimon Glass <>2015-07-14 18:03:15 -0600
commitdd5921104688074e2879bddeb18349bff89688ef (patch)
treef3d328b92161ad5b3e36a4f5a0d4344ce3184afe /tools
parentf4815763b410d8657f6f617067a1d53024b05220 (diff)
downloadtalos-obmc-uboot-dd5921104688074e2879bddeb18349bff89688ef.tar.gz Keep 'SPL'
On i.MX platforms the SPL binary is called "SPL" so make sure we keep that. Cc: Simon Glass <> Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <> Acked-by: Simon Glass <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/tools/buildman/ b/tools/buildman/
index ce1cfddf8c..cf25bb8f1a 100644
--- a/tools/buildman/
+++ b/tools/buildman/
@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
# Now write the actual build output
if keep_outputs:
self.CopyFiles(result.out_dir, build_dir, '', ['u-boot*', '*.bin',
- '*.map', '*.img', 'MLO', 'include/',
+ '*.map', '*.img', 'MLO', 'SPL', 'include/',
def CopyFiles(self, out_dir, build_dir, dirname, patterns):
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