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patman: Explain how to make doc/git-mailrc work
Add an explanation for how to set up git so that patman can find the alias file. Fix up the get_maintainers message too. Reported-by: Scott Wood <> Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
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How to configure it
-For most cases of using patman for U-Boot development, patman will
-locate and use the file 'doc/git-mailrc' in your U-Boot directory.
-This contains most of the aliases you will need.
+For most cases of using patman for U-Boot development, patman can use the
+file 'doc/git-mailrc' in your U-Boot directory to supply the email aliases
+you need. To make this work, tell git where to find the file by typing
+this once:
-For Linux the 'scripts/' handles figuring out where
-to send patches pretty well.
+ git config sendemail.aliasesfile doc/git-mailrc
+For both Linux and U-Boot the 'scripts/' handles figuring
+out where to send patches pretty well.
During the first run patman creates a config file for you by taking the default
user name and email address from the global .gitconfig file.
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