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authorStephen Warren <>2016-04-11 10:48:44 -0600
committerSimon Glass <>2016-05-17 09:54:43 -0600
commitf79f1e0c0ea06de3af79094bc80be6e218b5f6ef (patch)
tree9e33a079505f9e1351ca94589b70343dcbf4f4a1 /tools/buildman/
parente27802af54c2ff2d4d58e4bc217644b75c04ac4c (diff)
buildman: allow more incremental building
One use-case for buildman is to continually run it interactively after each small step in a large refactoring operation. This gives more immediate feedback than making a number of commits and then going back and testing them. For this to work well, buildman needs to be extremely fast. At present, a couple issues prevent it being as fast as it could be: 1) Each time buildman runs "make %_defconfig", it runs "make mrproper" first. This throws away all previous build results, requiring a from-scratch build. Optionally avoiding this would speed up the build, at the cost of potentially causing or missing some build issues. 2) A build tree is created per thread rather than per board. When a thread switches between building different boards, this often causes many files to be rebuilt due to changing config options. Using a separate build tree for each board would avoid this. This does put more strain on the system's disk cache, but it is worth it on my system at least. This commit adds two command-line options to implement the changes described above; -I ("--incremental") turns of "make mrproper" and -P ("--per-board-out-dir") creats a build directory per board rather than per thread. Tested: ./tools/buildman/ tegra ./tools/buildman/ -I -P tegra ./tools/buildman/ -b tegra_dev tegra ./tools/buildman/ -b tegra_dev -I -P tegra ... each once after deleting the buildman result/work directory, and once "incrementally" after a previous identical invocation. Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <> Reviewed-by: Tom Rini <> Acked-by: Simon Glass <> # v1 Tested-by: Simon Glass <> # v1 Acked-by: Simon Glass <>
Diffstat (limited to 'tools/buildman/')
1 files changed, 16 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/tools/buildman/ b/tools/buildman/
index cf25bb8f1a..c512d3b521 100644
--- a/tools/buildman/
+++ b/tools/buildman/
@@ -80,11 +80,13 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
thread_num: Our thread number (0-n-1), used to decide on a
temporary directory
- def __init__(self, builder, thread_num):
+ def __init__(self, builder, thread_num, incremental, per_board_out_dir):
"""Set up a new builder thread"""
self.builder = builder
self.thread_num = thread_num
+ self.incremental = incremental
+ self.per_board_out_dir = per_board_out_dir
def Make(self, commit, brd, stage, cwd, *args, **kwargs):
"""Run 'make' on a particular commit and board.
@@ -136,7 +138,11 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
if self.builder.in_tree:
out_dir = work_dir
- out_dir = os.path.join(work_dir, 'build')
+ if self.per_board_out_dir:
+ out_rel_dir = os.path.join('..',
+ else:
+ out_rel_dir = 'build'
+ out_dir = os.path.join(work_dir, out_rel_dir)
# Check if the job was already completed last time
done_file = self.builder.GetDoneFile(commit_upto,
@@ -197,12 +203,12 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
# Symlinks can confuse U-Boot's Makefile since
# we may use '..' in our path, so remove them.
- work_dir = os.path.realpath(work_dir)
- args.append('O=%s/build' % work_dir)
+ out_dir = os.path.realpath(out_dir)
+ args.append('O=%s' % out_dir)
cwd = None
src_dir = os.getcwd()
- args.append('O=build')
+ args.append('O=%s' % out_rel_dir)
if self.builder.verbose_build:
@@ -215,9 +221,11 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
# If we need to reconfigure, do that now
if do_config:
- result = self.Make(commit, brd, 'mrproper', cwd,
- 'mrproper', *args, env=env)
- config_out = result.combined
+ config_out = ''
+ if not self.incremental:
+ result = self.Make(commit, brd, 'mrproper', cwd,
+ 'mrproper', *args, env=env)
+ config_out += result.combined
result = self.Make(commit, brd, 'config', cwd,
*(args + config_args), env=env)
config_out += result.combined
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