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Merge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
* 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians: fsl_lbc: add printout of LCRR and LBCR to local bus regs sbc8548: Fix up local bus init to be frequency aware sbc8548: enable support for hardware SPD errata workaround sbc8548: relocate fixed ddr init code to ddr.c file sbc8548: Make enabling SPD RAM configuration work sbc8548: Fix LBC SDRAM initialization settings sbc8548: enable ability to boot from alternate flash sbc8548: relocate 64MB user flash to sane boundary Revert "SBC8548: fix address mask to allow 64M flash" MPC85xxCDS: Fix missing LCRR_DBYP bits for 66-133MHz LBC eXMeritus HWW-1U-1A: Add support for the AT24C128N I2C EEPROM eXMeritus HWW-1U-1A: Minor environment variable tweaks
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