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authorwdenk <wdenk>2004-04-15 21:16:42 +0000
committerwdenk <wdenk>2004-04-15 21:16:42 +0000
commit5a8c51cd5ef87195e05cdd9aaf2f1dcc753c9792 (patch)
tree0344d3f34787ac866ea95bda6112ae6e94733d26 /post/Makefile
parent04a85b3b36fdbaaac5fa95d61f59f481bbcf7520 (diff)
* Patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 30 Mar 2004:
- add support for the Epson 156x series of graphical displays (These displays are serial and not suitable for using a normal framebuffer console on them) - add infrastructure needed in order to POST any DSPs in a board
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/post/Makefile b/post/Makefile
index e0ce902133..ec49156977 100644
--- a/post/Makefile
+++ b/post/Makefile
@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@ SUBDIRS = cpu
LIB = libpost.a
AOBJS = cache_8xx.o
-COBJS = post.o tests.o cpu.o rtc.o watchdog.o memory.o i2c.o cache.o sysmon.o
-COBJS += uart.o ether.o usb.o spr.o
+COBJS = cache.o cpu.o dsp.o ether.o
+COBJS += i2c.o memory.o post.o rtc.o
+COBJS += spr.o sysmon.o tests.o uart.o
+COBJS += usb.o watchdog.o
include $(TOPDIR)/post/
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