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@@ -156,7 +156,10 @@ address of the fdt binary blob, and will override either of the options.
Be aware that this environment variable is checked prior to relocation,
when only the compiled-in environment is available. Therefore it is not
possible to define this variable in the saved SPI/NAND flash
-environment, for example (it will be ignored).
+environment, for example (it will be ignored). After relocation, this
+variable will be set to the address of the newly relocated fdt blob.
+It is read-only and cannot be changed. It can optionally be used to
+control the boot process of Linux with bootm/bootz commands.
To use this, put something like this in your board header file:
diff --git a/doc/driver-model/usb-info.txt b/doc/driver-model/usb-info.txt
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@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ The following primary data structures are in use:
This holds information about a device on the bus. All devices have
this structure, even the root hub. The controller itself does not
have this structure. You can access it for a device 'dev' with
- dev_get_parentdata(dev). It matches the old structure except that the
+ dev_get_parent_priv(dev). It matches the old structure except that the
parent and child information is not present (since driver model
handles that). Once the device is set up, you can find the device
descriptor and current configuration descriptor in this structure.
@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ USB hubs are scanned as in the section above. While hubs have their own
uclass, they share some common elements with controllers:
- they both attach private data to their children (struct usb_device,
-accessible for a child with dev_get_parentdata(child))
+accessible for a child with dev_get_parent_priv(child))
- they both use usb_child_pre_probe() to set up their children as proper USB
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