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spl: Add an option to load a FIT containing U-Boot
This provides a way to load a FIT containing U-Boot and a selection of device tree files. The board can select the correct device tree by probing the hardware. Then U-Boot is started with the selected device tree. Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
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@@ -273,6 +273,17 @@ config SYS_TEXT_BASE
TODO: Move CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE for all the architecture
+config SPL_LOAD_FIT
+ bool "Enable SPL loading U-Boot as a FIT"
+ depends on FIT
+ help
+ Normally with the SPL framework a legacy image is generated as part
+ of the build. This contains U-Boot along with information as to
+ where it should be loaded. This option instead enables generation
+ of a FIT (Flat Image Tree) which provides more flexibility. In
+ particular it can handle selecting from multiple device tree
+ and passing the correct one to U-Boot.
depends on ARC || ARCH_SUNXI
int "CPU clock frequency"
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