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add .mailmap for proper git-shortlog output
This is the first version of .mailmap created by hand. Please see "man git-shortlog" for what this commit is trying to do. Without this file, for example, "git shortlog -n -s" shows as follows: 2693 Wolfgang Denk <------ 1002 Stefan Roese <------ 811 wdenk <------ 808 Mike Frysinger 806 Simon Glass [snip] 177 Matthias Fuchs 154 stroese <------ 153 Timur Tabi And then, with this file, it shows as follows: 3504 Wolfgang Denk <------ 1156 Stefan Roese <------ 808 Mike Frysinger 806 Simon Glass Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <> Cc: Stefan Roese <> Cc: Wolfgang Denk <>
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+# This list is used by git-shortlog to fix a few botched name translations
+# in the git archive, either because the author's full name was messed up
+# and/or not always written the same way, making contributions from the
+# same person appearing not to be so or badly displayed.
+# This file can be modified by hand or updated by the following command:
+# scripts/mailmapper > tmp; mv tmp .mailmap
+Stefan Roese <stroese>
+Wolfgang Denk <wdenk>
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