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scripts: add mailmapper, a tool to create/update mailmap file
This tool helps to create/update the mailmap file. It runs 'git shortlog' internally and searches differently spelled author names which share the same email address. The author name with the most commits is asuumed to be a canonical real name. If the number of commits from the cananonical name is equal to or greater than 'MIN_COMMITS' (=50), the entry for the cananical name will be output. ('MIN_COMMITS' is used here because we do not want to create a fat mailmap by adding every author with only a few commits.) If there exists a mailmap file specified by the mailmap.file configuration options or '.mailmap' at the toplevel of the repository, it is used as a base file. The base file and the newly added entries are merged together and sorted alphabetically (but the comment block is kept untouched), and then printed to standard output. Usage ----- scripts/mailmapper prints the mailmapping to standard output. scripts/mailmapper > tmp; mv tmp .mailmap will be useful for updating '.mailmap' file. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
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