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powerpc: updates for the keymile boards
- CONFIG_SYS_MAX_I2C_BUS changed to 1 We use only one I2C hardwarecontroller on this boards, so change the CONFIG_SYS_MAX_I2C_BUS to 1. - common: dont print errormsg if second IVM Block lacks. - 82xx, mgcoge: fix double mtdpart entry in environment - 82xx, mgcoge: activate on second Flash the second bank. - common: CONFIG_ENV_SIZE 0x4000 for all keymile boards - common: Change malloc size to 1MByte for all Keymile boards We need a bigger malloc area for the environment support (128k) on some Keymile boards (kmeter1) and the upcoming UBI support. Change it to 1MB for all Keymile boards to be on the save side. Also define CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_VSPRINTF which is needed for UBI/UBIFS support. - Add UBI support to all Keymile boards - change manner of writing "/localbus/ranges" node instead of writting the complete "/localbus/ranges" node before booting Linux, only update the ranges entries which gets dynamical detected (size of flashes). This is needed, because keymile adds in the DTS "/localbus/ranges" node entries, which u-boot must not overwrite/delete. - kmeter, mgcoge: define 2 seperate regions needed for the Intel P30 chips The Intel P30 chip has 2 non-identical chips on one die, so we need to define 2 seperate regions that are scanned by physmap_of independantly. - kmeter1: Add MTD concat support to Keymile boards - 82xx, mgcoge: add "unlock=yes" to default environment - added CONFIG_MTD_DEVICE to get in sync with mainline code Signed-off-by: Heiko Schocher <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
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