path: root/src/usr/diag/prdf/plat/mem/prdfMemTdCtlr.C
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* PRD: Fix checkEccFirs template problemCaleb Palmer2020-01-291-3/+2
* PRD: Update CE/UE flood threshold to reset on new ranksCaleb Palmer2019-12-061-1/+1
* PRD: Remove use of unsupported MEM_PORT ExtensibleChipCaleb Palmer2019-06-281-17/+1
* PRD: Axone/Explorer TdCtlr and DataBundle UpdatesCaleb Palmer2019-06-051-3/+74
* PRD: remove unused TD queue parametersZane Shelley2018-06-221-7/+4
* PRD: fixed parser bugs in TD_CTLR_DATAZane Shelley2018-06-081-61/+75
* PRD: remove empty TD controller dataZane Shelley2018-06-081-0/+3
* PRD: Simplify templates in memory CE functionsZane Shelley2018-05-231-8/+4
* PRD: Update TD_CTLR_DATA with port informationBrian Stegmiller2018-05-181-6/+38
* PRD: support to determine if BG scrub can resume after stop-on-errorZane Shelley2018-05-181-10/+7
* PRD: finalize IPL DRAM Repairs support for MBAZane Shelley2018-04-201-4/+3
* PRD: super fast read command support for MBAZane Shelley2018-04-101-0/+12
* PRD: initializing MemTdCtlr variables for broadcast modeZane Shelley2018-02-231-54/+4
* PRD: Make sure iv_stoppedRank is set in handleCmdCompleteCaleb Palmer2018-01-161-32/+62
* PRD: Cumulus PON Support MDIA Init to zeroCaleb Palmer2017-09-281-24/+34
* PRD: remove assert for debug purposesZane Shelley2017-09-011-6/+19
* PRD: permanently mask NCEs/TCEs after runtime Targeted DiagnosticsZane Shelley2017-08-231-177/+0
* PRD: Make collectStateCaptureData common for ipl and rtCaleb Palmer2017-08-041-1/+71
* PRD: handle nullptr returned from getConnectedChild()Zane Shelley2017-07-271-5/+3
* PRD: Mask mainline NCE/TCE during TDCaleb Palmer2017-07-121-6/+200
* PRD: runtime ECC analysis for command complete attnZane Shelley2017-04-141-3/+10
* PRD: consolidated MemTdCtlr::initiStoppedRank() functionZane Shelley2017-04-131-84/+55
* PRD: consolidated MemTdCtlr::checkEcc() functionZane Shelley2017-04-131-16/+26
* PRD: consolidated use of maint cmd address in MemTdCtlrZane Shelley2017-04-131-48/+28
* PRD: consolidated MemTdCtlr::checkEcc()Zane Shelley2017-04-131-0/+74
* PRD: consolidated cmd complete analysis in MemTdCtlrZane Shelley2017-04-131-36/+64
* PRD: resume background scrub at runtimeZane Shelley2017-04-101-0/+25
* PRD: cleaned procedure callouts in prdfCalloutMap.HZane Shelley2017-03-071-1/+1
* PRD: IPL DRAM Repairs cleanupZane Shelley2017-02-271-2/+2
* PRD: TD controller state capture dataCaleb Palmer2017-02-171-1/+8
* PRD: SIMICs workaround for MCBIST commands during MDIAZane Shelley2016-12-091-1/+29
* PRD: add default capture data support for ECC attentionsZane Shelley2016-12-091-0/+8
* PRD: Add ECC checking for maint cmd complete attentionsZane Shelley2016-12-061-5/+10
* PRD: combine RT/IPL imp of MemTdCtlr::handleCmdComplete to common fileZane Shelley2016-12-061-0/+109
* PRD: simplified templates in TdCtlr class.Zane Shelley2016-12-061-5/+2
* PRD: Determine where to restart commands after cmd complete attnZane Shelley2016-12-061-0/+122
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