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* Fix gcc8 signature validation anomalyNick Bofferding2019-06-181-15/+23
* Developer Improvement: Get code coverage tool working with HostbootZach Clark2019-05-131-1/+3
* securerom: remove hbi_ImageIdRobert Lippert2017-10-241-4/+1
* Fix duplicate sha512 definitionsJaymes Wilks2017-08-042-7/+7
* Secure Boot: Make crypto algorithms dispatching work across tool chainsNick Bofferding2017-07-191-6/+21
* Stop kernel asserts from being no-op'edStephen Cprek2017-06-221-0/+2
* Update sha512 algorithm to correct licenseNick Bofferding2017-05-243-1/+81
* Modify securerom branchtable to eliminate use of privileged instructionStephen Cprek2017-03-131-17/+43
* Add SecureROM version info and Change SBE update to use max HBBL sizeStephen Cprek2017-03-012-11/+36
* Replace hardcodes with const variables in ROM.CStephen Cprek2017-02-031-3/+5
* Verify HBB in HBBL using ROM codeStephen Cprek2017-02-012-0/+54
* Compile ROM code within HostbootStephen Cprek2017-01-307-2276/+1651
* Add ROM code files in HostbootStephen Cprek2017-01-307-0/+3328
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