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* Make libs smaller by overlapping text and rodata sections.Patrick Williams2013-07-121-32/+39
* Fixes for GCC 4.7Patrick Williams2013-04-171-1/+2
* Terminate Immediate Structure defintionMissy Connell2012-10-241-24/+23
* Support for master winkle.Patrick Williams2012-08-101-2/+3
* Add copyright headers to all source files.Patrick Williams2011-08-241-0/+23
* Merge of PowerHAL project up to commit:Patrick Williams2011-03-051-3/+11
* Add linker in preparation for modules.Patrick Williams2010-08-201-12/+2
* Create page manager.Patrick Williams2010-05-201-2/+4
* Call default constructors.Patrick Williams2010-05-191-0/+5
* Create simple console.Patrick Williams2010-05-181-1/+5
* Improve make infrastructure.Patrick Williams2010-05-181-0/+47
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