path: root/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/utils/stopreg/p9_stop_util.C
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* STOP API: Changes for SMF and SPR self savePrem Shanker Jha2018-09-271-1/+2
* Revert "UV Support : Augmented STOP API and self restore for enabling UV"Prem Shanker Jha2018-09-141-2/+1
* UV Support : Augmented STOP API and self restore for enabling ultravisor.Prem Shanker Jha2018-09-141-1/+2
* STOP API: API conditionally supports 255 SCOM restore entries for each quad.Prem Shanker Jha2018-06-251-7/+13
* PM: CPMR magic word correction.Prem Shanker Jha2017-06-151-1/+4
* Fixes required to build P9 STOP API with skibootDan Crowell2017-05-121-4/+5
* Hcode: Create centralized memory map headersYue Du2017-03-061-3/+3
* Revert "PM: Change in self sestore region for lab."Gregory S. Still2017-02-021-97/+97
* PM: Image layout change for CME/SGPE Region of P9 HOMER.Prem Shanker Jha2016-12-051-97/+98
* Update prologs of mirrored files to apache licenseStephen Cprek2016-08-051-8/+14
* PM:Changing calling convention of STOP API.Prem Shanker Jha2016-07-011-20/+23
* PM: Added hcode image build support for SGPE and CME.Prem Shanker Jha2016-03-211-4/+7
* PM: Updated Stop API based on modified HOMER layout.Prem Shanker Jha2016-02-191-0/+169
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