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authorJacob Harvey <>2017-01-06 17:21:07 -0600
committerDaniel M. Crowell <>2017-01-12 13:00:46 -0500
commit10faa36e818d33bb645c57d16cdc8f01e63b18fe (patch)
tree34e4fa2210d93e13d20c15e1487d35e5be1186a7 /src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/memory/lib/mc/port.C
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Fix fapi2::current_err bug in checker.H
FAPI_ASSERT does not set current error Also fixed some of the LRDIMM decoder The decoder didn't match up with the Revs Change-Id: If7125e9fb0b21d09ccefaf9aa9ec0e2fb4cd7cd5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Brian R. Silver <> Tested-by: Jenkins Server <> Reviewed-by: ANDRE A. MARIN <> Reviewed-by: Louis Stermole <> Reviewed-by: STEPHEN GLANCY <> Tested-by: Hostboot CI <> Reviewed-by: Jennifer A. Stofer <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Hostboot Team <> Tested-by: FSP CI Jenkins <> Tested-by: Jenkins OP Build CI <> Reviewed-by: Daniel M. Crowell <>
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diff --git a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/memory/lib/mc/port.C b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/memory/lib/mc/port.C
index 907655022..942e2c8a5 100644
--- a/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/memory/lib/mc/port.C
+++ b/src/import/chips/p9/procedures/hwp/memory/lib/mc/port.C
@@ -102,12 +102,8 @@ fapi2::ReturnCode enable_periodic_cal( const fapi2::Target<fapi2::TARGET_TYPE_MC
FAPI_INF("mrw_periodic_zqcal_mode_options: 0x%02x", l_per_memcal_mode_options);
- // TODO RTC:155854 We haven't done the work for calculating init cal periods
- // in effective config yet, and the MC setup below is hard wired for sim
FAPI_INF("memcal interval %dck, zqcal interval %dck", l_memcal_interval, l_zqcal_interval);
- // I think we can do these in any event BRS
// From Steve Powell, 4/16
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