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Updating bbuild to b1106a_1345.810
This is a build that was officially released. I also removed the one workaround for simics support. Change-Id: I08d94a5560124d9da8f95d8604dda89cdfd47c61 RTC: 89387 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Server Reviewed-by: Brian H. Horton <> Reviewed-by: A. Patrick Williams III <>
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@@ -5,9 +5,3 @@ Brief description of the problem or reason for patch
-Files: list of files
-Coreq: list of associated changes, e.g. workarounds.presimsetup
-Update action file for dmi_io_run_training to work with io_dccal.C v1.26
--RTC: Task 89387 used to remove this patch
--CMVC: Feature SW231052/903906 will be used to check the change into fips810
--Files: p8.act, s1.act
--Coreq: workarounds.postsimsetup
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