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LDAP config: don't log bind password
Add a way to prevent json body logging for routes with sensitive data such as passwords. This is basically done via a list of URLs. Add the LDAP create config URL to this list. Tested: Before: phosphor-gevent[1481]: <BMC IP> user:root POST json:{u'data': [False, u'ldap://<LDAP server IP>/', u'cn=Sivas,cn=Users,dc=Corp,dc=ibm,dc=com', u'cn=Users,dc=Corp,dc=ibm,dc=com', u'<password>', u'xyz.openbmc_project.User.Ldap.Create.SearchScope.sub', u'xyz.openbmc_project.User.Ldap.Create.Type.ActiveDirectory']} 200 OK After: phosphor-gevent[1710]: <BMC IP> user:root POST json:None 200 OK Change-Id: I99979e5e373784c7eabb55861dae70bb283859a4 Signed-off-by: Deepak Kodihalli <>
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