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authorMatt Spinler <>2018-05-14 12:25:21 -0500
committerMatt Spinler <>2018-05-24 10:22:26 -0500
commitb1f6a2cd8e0764955058757d4372a2366cc0d350 (patch)
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Don't fail on missing Delete interfaces
On the DELETE HTTP request, don't immediately fail if the specified bus does't provide the delete interface on the specified path, just skip it instead. Only return the 403 error if nothing at all ended up being deleted on the request. This allows multiple services to host the same object path while only requiring one to support the delete interface. The others will just listen for the interfaces removed signal to remove their objects. Resolves openbmc/openbmc#3181 Tested: * Issue a -X DELETE with curl on a path provided by multiple services where only 1 provides the delete interface. * Issue a -X POST .../action/delete with curl with the same test setup. * Issue a -X DELETE with curl on a path without a delete interface and get a 403 back. Change-Id: Ib76c80081361160e617ddfe8b48e3e4588abce67 Signed-off-by: Matt Spinler <>
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1 files changed, 12 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/module/obmc/wsgi/apps/ b/module/obmc/wsgi/apps/
index 2d98817..ffbab94 100644
--- a/module/obmc/wsgi/apps/
+++ b/module/obmc/wsgi/apps/
@@ -600,15 +600,18 @@ class InstanceHandler(RouteHandler):
path, p, v)
def do_delete(self, path):
- for bus_info in request.route_data['map'][path].items():
- if self.bus_missing_delete(path, *bus_info):
- abort(403, _4034_msg % ('resource', 'removed', path))
- for bus in request.route_data['map'][path].keys():
- self.delete_on_bus(path, bus)
- def bus_missing_delete(self, path, bus, interfaces):
- return DELETE_IFACE not in interfaces
+ deleted = False
+ for bus, interfaces in request.route_data['map'][path].items():
+ if self.bus_has_delete(interfaces):
+ self.delete_on_bus(path, bus)
+ deleted = True
+ #It's OK if some objects didn't have a Delete, but not all
+ if not deleted:
+ abort(403, _4034_msg % ('resource', 'removed', path))
+ def bus_has_delete(self, interfaces):
+ return DELETE_IFACE in interfaces
def delete_on_bus(self, path, bus):
obj = self.bus.get_object(bus, path, introspect=False)
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