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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* mboxd: Update mboxd to implement protocol V2 and add dbus supportSuraj Jitindar Singh2017-04-111-487/+273
* mboxd: Fix MBOX_C_GET_FLASH_INFO to return size specified on command lineSuraj Jitindar Singh2017-03-091-1/+1
* mboxd: Workaround buggy kernel flash driverCyril Bur2017-01-251-5/+16
* mboxd: Zero ioctl() map structCyril Bur2017-01-251-4/+5
* Fix MBOX_C_RESET_STATE command crashMichael Neuling2017-01-181-17/+9
* mboxd: Add command-line option to specify platform flash sizeCyril Bur2017-01-181-8/+40
* Enable SIGHUP to reset point to flash are reread flash.Michael Neuling2017-01-171-13/+63
* mboxd: Use MAP ioctl() to reset to flashCyril Bur2017-01-171-38/+20
* mboxd: Whitespace cleanupsAndrew Jeffery2017-01-171-1/+1
* mboxd: Fixup unused-result compilation warningAndrew Jeffery2017-01-171-2/+8
* mboxd: Test the single write functionalityCyril Bur2017-01-171-0/+26
* mboxd: Stripped down super simple daemonCyril Bur2017-01-161-0/+508
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