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-## Introduction
-This document captures steps for adding application specific error yaml files
-### Write app specific error yaml files
-Write error yamls for your application and place them in your application
-Refer to *Host.errors.yaml* at
-### Makefile rules to run sdbus++ on error yaml files
-Modify the as shown below for generation of error.cpp and erorr.hpp
-org/open_power/Host/error.hpp: ${srcdir}/org/open_power/Host.errors.yaml
- @mkdir -p `dirname $@`
- $(SDBUSPLUSPLUS) -r $(srcdir) error exception-header org.open_power.Host > $@
-org/open_power/Host/error.cpp: ${srcdir}/org/open_power/Host.errors.yaml
- @mkdir -p `dirname $@`
- $(SDBUSPLUSPLUS) -r $(srcdir) error exception-cpp org.open_power.Host > $@
-### Write native recipe to copy error yaml files
-Application specific error yaml files need to be copied to a known location
-so that phosphor-logging can generate error metadata by parsing the error
-yaml files.
-Refer to **do_install_append** method in
-**** at
-### Establish dependency with phosphor-logging
-Establish dependency with phosphor-logging to ensure that error yaml files are
-copied to a known location before phosphor logging parses the error yaml files
-Refer to **phosphor-logging-error-logs-native.bbappend** at
-### Generate application local elog-errors.hpp file
-Applications should be independently compilable so it cannot have a
-dependency on the elog-errors.hpp generated by phosphor-logging
-Generate application specific elog-errors.hpp using the
-parser. In the future, elog-errors.hpp will be generated through autotools.
-The application specific elog-errors.hpp is for the build process and the
-elog-errors.hpp from phosphor-logging will be used during elog commit/report
-#### Example
-python tools/ -y /home/OpenBmc/openpower-occ-control/ -u ./tools/ -t
-tools/phosphor-logging/templates/ -m elog-gen-template.mako.hpp -o
-### Reporting error
-To report (commit) the error follow the below format
-#### *example*
-#include <xyz/openbmc_project/Software/Version/error.hpp>
-#include "elog-errors.hpp" #Use application specific header file
-using error =
- sdbusplus::xyz::openbmc_project::Software::Version::Error::ManifestFileFailure;
-using metadata =
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