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authorMatt Spinler <>2018-03-29 08:48:37 -0500
committerMatt Spinler <>2018-04-12 13:58:33 -0500
commit3d2b0d62ed1567ffba53ffb44d0a8617869ea08c (patch)
tree4afd5be16485ab42865a2c05d40edf1b19c0d736 /fault-monitor
parent3aa931d594a38a26176abce7e809e535bfe9f668 (diff)
Move down error entry trace
It's possible that multiple services can provide the /xyz/openbmc_project/logging paths, which means the interfaces added handler can get multiple callbacks for a single error. That being the case, move down the trace that shows the new error log object path until after the code checks that the association interface is present, as that interface will only be present on one object. Another option would have been to remove the trace completely, but it is fairly useful for debug. Change-Id: I98659562ef024455762110e20109bf3079b96cbe Signed-off-by: Matt Spinler <>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/fault-monitor/fru-fault-monitor.cpp b/fault-monitor/fru-fault-monitor.cpp
index cb6c4e4..4a600f7 100644
--- a/fault-monitor/fru-fault-monitor.cpp
+++ b/fault-monitor/fru-fault-monitor.cpp
@@ -147,14 +147,17 @@ void Add::created(sdbusplus::message::message& msg)
//Not a new error entry skip
- log<level::ERR>(objectPath.c_str());
auto iter = logEntry.second.find("org.openbmc.Associations");
if (iter == logEntry.second.end())
+ //Nothing else shows when a specific error log
+ //has been created. Do it here.
+ std::string message{objectPath + " created"};
+ log<level::INFO>(message.c_str());
auto attr = iter->second.find("associations");
if (attr == iter->second.end())
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